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Ep. 107: Keeping Your Business Profitable in a Global Crisis With Susie Carder

Apr 27, 2020

Ep. 107: Keeping Your Business Profitable in a Global Crisis With Susie Carder

Right now, a lot of us are wondering whether it’s possible to keep a business profitable even in the midst of a global crisis. Things feel scary and unknown, so I’ve invited Susie Carder to come be the desperately needed voice of calm reason.

And Susie definitely knows her stuff! She’s definitely seen ups and downs, but keeps coming through them better and stronger. As a child, she was one of many siblings in a household that didn’t have much money, so she was used to multiple-time hand-me-downs from Goodwill or her several older sisters. (In fact, one of her big motivators was to be able to buy herself brand-new underwear!) She then started her working life as a hairdresser trying to support her two little girls.

But Susie knew she wasn’t going to stay a low-paid hairdresser for long. Even in that role, she started making significantly more money than her colleagues, so she started teaching her methods as a giveback to her community. When people asked if she had a book, she wrote one! She figured out the importance of systematizing everything, and then people started asking to buy her system, too.

Everything was going so well for Susie… until 2007, when the market crashed, destroying 20 years of work overnight. From this experience, Susie learned that she had been heavily over-leveraged. She also went back to the foundation of what she knows how to do: generate cash.

Long (and amazing!) story short, Susie has built eight businesses, six of which reached multi-million dollar success. Her sweet spot is helping small businesses find, leverage, and scale the money to grow from $10,000 to $10 million. Her newest book, Power Your Profits, is a bulletproof start to finish plan for taking your business from startup mode to the multimillion dollar mark. Her core genius is the ability to simplify complicated issues by creating simple proven systems that are guaranteed to create dramatic growth for any company.

Listen in as she shares incredibly powerful insight into the importance of reshaping your relationship with money, and why we often don’t need more customers (but rather to be more effective with each customer). As she explains, fear leads you to believe that where you are is a safe place and going forward is a risk, but the truth is that you’re always at risk when you’re standing still. Don’t miss out on your destiny!


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[01:37] – Ruth welcomes listeners back to the show and explains that today’s guest is seven-figure business owner turned profit coach Susie Carder.
[04:39] – Susie starts things off by talking about who she is, what she does, and the story of how she got to be doing what she’s doing today.
[08:47] – We hear about 2007, when the market crashed. Susie shares her reaction to losing everything, and how she rose out of the experience.
[11:42] – Susie’s motto is “math is money, and money is fun,” she explains. Ruth then talks about the amazing difference in focusing on how much you keep, not how much you make.
[13:37] – What are some signs that your business is healthy or unhealthy?
[16:10] – Susie talks about what profit is (including a point that many people miss), as well as the margins you should be shooting for in your business.
[19:44] – Ruth explains that her team always has a goal, a stretch goal, and a mega-stretch goal. She and Susie then talk about whether it can be demotivating not to hit a stretch goal.
[21:50] – What is Susie’s advice for business owners right now as they navigate this crisis?
[25:20] – If you have a team, you need to be the leader who is the calm in the storm and emphasize that we’ll get through this together.
[27:50] – Ruth agrees with what Susie has been saying, pointing out that there are so many opportunities out there. Susie then shares something she’s been doing with her clients.
[29:38] – Why is it so important to reshape your relationship with money?
[33:25] – Susie jokes that her biggest motivator was wanting new underwear that wasn’t shared or a hand-me-down.
[34:28] – How has Susie’s family dynamic been, given all of her success after coming from a poor background?
[37:48] – We hear about how Susie coaches people who are afraid that success will change their relationships.
[40:20] – Susie talks about hidden profit goldmines, including what they are and how we can discover them.
[43:42] – Ruth points out how well Susie’s points apply to blogging and online businesses, where she often emphasizes not chasing pageviews.
[45:18] – Susie’s book is for the entrepreneur in startup mode between $10,000 and $10 million, and is a roadmap to success.
[47:32] – If you buy Susie’s book right now at this link, you’ll get about $3,000 worth of bonuses.
[48:24] – What is the best piece of advice that Susie has ever received, and why?
[50:56] – Where can we find Susie online? And what final words of wisdom does she have to share with listeners?
[52:59] – Don’t miss Ruth’s amazing TED Talk on the simple trick to overcoming your biggest fear! And remember that she loves hearing from listeners, so please get in touch by email at or by sending a message on Instagram!