Ashley [9:20 AM]

overcoming adversity

EP 79: Pushing Past Your Comfort Zone with Dr. Angela Lauria

Dr. Angela Lauria is here to share her story of how she was able to build an eight figure business of her dreams once she knew what those dreams were. She also talks about pushing past fear and knowing when to draw that line in the sand.

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Ep. 77: Creating True Confidence by Understanding What’s Going on in Your Brain with Kara Loewentheil

I have a super fun and interesting conversation with life coach Kara Loewentheil. She has a brilliant philosophy of positive baby steps to retrain our brains to find true confidence to achieve what we want. She gave up a superstar law career to become a life coach, and you won’t want to miss her story

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EP 75: Embracing Your Inner Badass Every Single Day with Jen Sincero

Number one New York Times’ bestselling author Jen Sincero is all about embracing her fear to make sure she is moving in the right direction. You don’t want to miss this episode about embracing your inner badass and reaching outside of your comfort zone.

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EP 74: Learn How to Unlock Your Purpose, Passion and Fully Engage in Life With Brian Dixon

The most-important resource that you have for succeeding in business and in life is the people around you. My good friend and the author of Start with Your People Brian Dixon is here to talk about his new book and the importance of maximizing relationships for success in business and life.

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EP 73: Showing up in Your Own Life in a Big Way with Laura Smith

What happens when someone is voted most shy and most likely to succeed? If that person is productivity expert Laura Smith, they go on to build a wildly successful online business. My conversation with Laura is inspiring and motivating for any business owner who wants to overcome adversity and smash their productivity and earning goals.

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