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EP 82: Get Ruthed: Overcoming Perfectionism with Julianna Poplin

Nov 4, 2019

EP 82: Get Ruthed: Overcoming Perfectionism with Julianna Poplin

EBA student Julianna Poplin is the guest for this episode of Get Ruthed. She is the founder of The Simplicity Habit a business devoted to helping women who are currently overwhelmed by stuff in their life become less so. She writes about decluttering, organizing, and finding simple ways to manage all aspects of your life. Things she gets fired up about include writing, especially when she writes something that actually helps someone else.

Her struggles include trying to figure out things like SEO and trying to keep up with an online business world that is always changing. Right now she really needs help with figuring out what type of product to launch, and whether she is ready to launch yet. She thinks she might be ready, but she’s not quite sure. She’d also like some honest feedback on what she’s built so far, because in her words most people are just too nice to be honest.

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[05:07] Julianna Started The Simplicity Habit about a year ago. About five years ago, her family moved from California to Washington, and they had tons of stuff.
[05:36] Julianna was also doing a side gig rehabbing furniture. The garage was filled, and she went from rehabber to professional declutterer.
[06:15] She was passionate about decluttering and spoke about it. When EBA opened, she joined the bootcamp and started the blog.
[07:41] She spent time early on trying to make her design look good. She started writing in the middle of last fall.
[08:59] There was so much to do at once, she felt overwhelmed.
[09:29] Julianna is a rebel rule follower and did the steps of EBA out of order. Doing too many things at once is what created overwhelm.
[11:06] She created a workbook as a product and promoted the Ultimate Bundle.
[12:01] She has been working on building list and growing subscribers which has just hit 1000.
[12:23] She gets about 300-500 sessions a day. She also does guest posts.
[13:33] Her most popular post has been Living Simply in a Consumer Culture and she did a spin off that. She also made a controversial post about Why Parents Should Stop Paying for College.
[15:15] She wants to see an increase in traffic and decide the best products to create.
[16:32] She should post at least three times a week. She should also optimize and pin like crazy.
[18:01] Testing titles would be a good idea.
[19:00] Ruth feels there might be a disconnect between Julianna’s blog and personality. Julianna is really funny, so the calm blog may not be a perfect fit. She could maybe make it more playful.
[20:40] What sets blogs apart is because they are personal. Personality is what makes people stay.
[24:14] Julianna’s avatar is 32, has three kids, is overwhelmed with her job and life, is over committed, and trying to figure out how to make life less stressful. Her name is Jane.
[24:50] Jane needs to stop saying yes and get control over her home.
[26:22] Jane needs more time. Sell them what they want, but give them what they need.
[27:00] Mirror your audience phrases back in your copy. Julianna ultimately needs to sell more time. What she actually needs to give Jane is better boundaries which will give her more time.
[27:44] She could sell a course, ebook, or any number of products.
[28:13] Her baby seed product could be taught on a video. Having any people on her beta is great. She just needs about 10 engaged people.
[31:28] She’s thinking about decluttering a home, but she also thinks decluttering life would be a good topic.
[32:47] You never know what is and isn’t going to work. You have to start trying things to see how it goes.
[34:46] People can devalue things because of a lower price point.
[41:12] She needs to make sure the product is viable before putting a lot of work into it. When you know it’s a viable product and people want it then put more time into it.
[42:38] Julianna should have something to launch in the next three to four weeks. Then take the rest of the year to refine it and relaunch in January.
[44:43] She needs to go into it with the mindset that it doesn’t need to be perfect.
[46:22] A book next year could be a great way to lead people into her course. She also needs to build her email list.
[47:13] Perfectionism is common for so many people. It can hold us back and prevent us from doing the work.
[48:36] Julianna’s three action steps: She needs to get more traffic and start posting at least three times a week. She also needs to make sure that her on-site conversion rate remains high. She also needs to launch her baby seed product if she wants to make money. She might want to inject some of her fun personality into her blog and product too.