Ep. 118: Becoming the CEO of Your Family with Mark Timm

Is your family getting your last and your least instead of your first and your best? Successful entrepreneur Mark Timm realized that was the case for him, so he shifted his mindset. Now, he’s the CEO of his most important business: his family!

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Ep. 117: How to Transform Your Life by Forming Habits with Charles Duhigg

Can you believe that 40% to 45% of your daily life is ruled by habit instead of choice? Imagine if you could harness that power to work for you! Today’s guest, Charles Duhigg, will help you learn to form good habits and change bad ones.

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Ep. 116:Fostering Positivity, Leading with Love, and Learning from Mistakes with Jon Gordon

Does the world feel like a scary place right now? You’re not alone! But even in times like these, we can work within ourselves to foster positivity and spread love. Jon Gordon is here to help you speak truth to yourself and find a brighter reality.

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Ep. 115: Writing Books and Failing Forward with Chandler Bolt

If you’ve wondered whether you should write a book, the answer is yes! (With one big exception.) Chandler Bolt of Self-Publishing School chats about good and bad reasons to write, how to fail forward, and doing things right.

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EP 114:Get Ruthed: Knowing Your Numbers and Increasing Your Conversions with Tamara Harris

Do you struggle with your conversion rate? So does Tamara Harris of Design Your Way Home! Tune in as she Gets Ruthed. She (and you) will learn why knowing your numbers is so important, and how to create great opt-ins and lead capture pages.

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