EP 13: Finding Your Tribe, Creating a Truth Club, and Bringing Your Best Self

Jul 9, 2018


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Ruth Soukup

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EP 13: Finding Your Tribe, Creating a Truth Club, and Bringing Your Best Self

Welcome to Do It Scared™ podcast! In every episode of this podcast, we’ll talk about how to face your fears, overcome obstacles, and create a life you love! In this episode, you’ll learn why accountability is so important, and how to form your own truth club. After all, almost all of us need accountability, often more than we like to admit!

Believe it or not, I’m actually an introvert at heart, and I have social anxiety lurking just below the surface. But when I find someone who is “my people,” I know it right away and love to dig deep and forge meaningful, lasting bonds. These people are important because they’re not afraid to keep it real and say hard, true things that other people don’t dare to say. (Of course, they’ll also let me know when I’m on the right track!)

I have several of these amazing women in my life, and I call the three of them who you’ll learn about in this episode my “truth club.” In fact, the four of us have made a commitment to each other: to get together every few months for a few days of masterminding, and to meet via conference call once a month.

Take a moment right now to ask yourself this question: have you ever noticed that sometimes your mannerisms and the way you dress change depending on who you’ll be spending time with? I bet you can come up with a few examples right away, because we’ve all had that experience! This is a case of adjusting yourself based on who you’re interacting with, and explains perfectly why it’s so important to surround ourselves with the right people.

When you identify the type of friendships you’re looking for, your brain becomes wired to find those opportunities. You definitely don’t need to burn bridges with your current friends and family, but make the effort to find amazing new social connections with people who will encourage you to grow and form your own truth club!

Tune into this episode to learn more about the steps for creating your truth club, how to create deep and meaningful relationships once you find your people, the role of accountability groups, how to foster accountability in your new relationships or partnerships, and much more!


[02:14] – Ruth introduces the topic of today’s episode: accountability.
[03:25] – You can get the download for this episode by texting “truthclub” (without quotation marks) to 44222, or visiting this link!
[04:06] – In friendships, Ruth tends to favor depth over breadth. She shares an example of an immediate friendship.
[07:03] – The connection that Ruth had with another of her friends, Susie Moore, wasn’t quite as instantaneous.
[08:52] – Ruth shares an example of a third friend, who she knew was “her people” before they even met each other.
[09:59] – Ruth talks about the commitment that she and these friends have made to each other.
[11:04] – You, too, can and should form a truth club! You can do so in three simple steps.
[11:41] – The first step is to understand at your core that who you surround yourself with is who you become.
[16:52] – What’s the solution if the people in your life aren’t part of a culture of growth and you don’t want to burn all those bridges?
[17:19] – Step two in this process is to find your tribe! Ruth talks about how to do this and why it’s so important.
[20:40] – The third and final step is to foster real accountability.
[22:38] – Ruth points out that accountability partnerships don’t need to be limited to one-on-one relationships.
[23:28] – Ruth offers a few other tips for fostering true accountability in your relationships.
[27:55] – Go form your own truth club, Ruth enthuses. Do what it takes to discover your tribe, and consciously surround yourself with people who will make you better.