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EP 43: Stop the Downward Spiral of Comparison and Self-Doubt

Feb 4, 2019

EP 43: Stop the Downward Spiral of Comparison and Self-Doubt

Welcome to Do It Scared™ podcast! In every episode of this podcast, we’ll talk about how to face your fears, overcome obstacles, and create a life you love! If you’re ready to learn how to stop the downward spiral of comparison and self-doubt, this is the episode for you! A lot of people (including me!) struggle with the downward death-spiral of comparison and self-doubt. This happens when we start looking around and comparing our place in the world to the people around us. We doubt ourselves, then start comparing more, and doubt ourselves even more, and so on until we’re stuck in this awful loop. The world seems darker, and we start to leave our fire and courage. In the beginning of October, I went to New York for a few days to connect with my truth club. We each took a turn being on the hot seat, and the feedback I got wasn’t at all what I expected (or wanted) to hear. They told me that I needed to be doing more on social media and putting myself out there more. Now, I generally try to avoid social media because I find it’s a time suck that distracts me from my actual work. But my friends were right: I had never put a concerted effort into growing my social media presence. So I committed to giving Instagram a serious effort through the end of the year. For a while there, it was practically my full-time job! After a couple months, I realized I was feeling really down. In fact, I felt like an impostor, and like I just sucked compared to all these other people with their amazing, successful lives. I felt so inadequate that I wanted to shut down my business and crawl into a hole somewhere. Can you relate? Have you ever been on that spiral of self-doubt, comparison, and inadequacy? Fortunately, I’ve developed some pretty good coping skills and practical strategies for breaking free and getting back on track. That’s what you’ll learn all about in today’s episode! Here are some of the powerful steps you can take:

  1. Talk about it!
  2. Take some action in the right direction, even when you don’t feel like it.
  3. Put your blinders on and don’t get distracted by comparison.
  4. Change the script.
  5. Practice gratitude!


[02:02] – Ruth introduces today’s topic, something that many listeners may struggle with. [04:47] – We hear about Ruth’s recent experience with her personal truth club, when she got unexpected feedback. [07:23] – Other than Instagram, Ruth doesn’t really enjoy social media, but she acknowledges that her truth club was right. [10:12] – Ruth shares how she felt after a couple months of immersing herself in the world of Instagram. [14:07] – We hear one of Ruth’s strategies for getting out of this downward spiral and feeling of inadequacy. [16:14] – The second strategy is to take action, Ruth explains. [17:51] – We learn Ruth’s third strategy, which is to put your blinders on and stop looking! [21:34] – Ruth’s fourth powerful strategy is to change the script to shift away from your limiting beliefs. [25:28] – We hear one more essential technique that can make a huge difference no matter where in the downward spiral you are. [27:55] – Ruth reiterates that she’s personally familiar with the downward spiral and trap of self-doubt, and reviews the strategies for escaping that spiral.