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Ep. 117: How to Transform Your Life by Forming Habits with Charles Duhigg

Can you believe that 40% to 45% of your daily life is ruled by habit instead of choice? Imagine if you could harness that power to work for you! Today’s guest, Charles Duhigg, will help you learn to form good habits and change bad ones.

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EP 96: Get Ruthed: Shifting Your Focus to Make Real Money with Shelly Olson

Shelly Olson has a successful site with plenty of pageviews, but her income doesn’t match. So what’s going wrong? The short answer: paying more attention to pageviews than products! Tune in to learn how she (and you) can break free of this cycle.

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EP 70: Having the Courage to Follow Your Passion and Turn it Into a Paying Job with Gina Godeen

Freelance writer Gina Godeen is here to talk about how she walked away from a lucrative career in the mining industry to create her own writing business. She shares how she conquered her fears and went for it. She also talks about marketing, niching down, and belonging to great communities.

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EP 69: Letting the Worst Moments of Your Life Lead You to Where You Want to Go with Rachel Ritlop

Rachel Ritlop, host of The Confused Millennial podcast, shares how letting the worst setbacks of your life lead you to where you want to go on this episode of the Do It Scared Podcast.

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EP 68: The Miracle Equation That Just Might Change Everything With Hal Elrod

Hal Elrod is one of the most energetic enthusiastic guests I’ve ever had on the show. He is the man behind The Miracle Morning book and series. He survived a head on collision and beat cancer. He is on the show to talk about his new book The Miracle Equation, and how he used it to achieve the improbable and how you can too.

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