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EP 1: Why Stretch Goals are the Secret to Creating a Life You LOVE

Apr 2, 2018


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Ruth Soukup

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EP 1: Why Stretch Goals are the Secret to Creating a Life You LOVE

Welcome to the very first episode of the Do It Scared™ podcast! In every episode of this podcast, we’ll talk about how to face your fears, overcome obstacles, and create a life you love!

In this episode, we’ll talk goals. I love setting goals. At the beginning of the year, I get excited to set all kinds of great resolutions. But, in the past, I started to lose focus in mid-February. Can you relate? (I bet you can.) What I’ve learned, though, is that setting a bunch of small goals that feel attainable is actually counter-productive. If you’re surprised, tune into the episode to learn why, and what your goals should be instead.

Are you ready to learn the steps for making stretch goals a reality in your life?
Step 1: Visualize! This means dreaming big without self-editing or self-judgment.
Step 2: Focus. Narrow down your options to the one thing that you want to make into reality.
Step 3: Commit. This is the scary part, and your fear (along with your motivation) will kick into overdrive.
Step 4: Execute! Rearrange your schedule and put your big goal first every single day. Do whatever it takes to make your big goal a reality.


[01:23] – Ruth introduces the topics for today’s episode.

[01:58] – Because this is the first episode, Ruth takes a few minutes to talk about the concept of “doing it scared” overall.

[03:42] – Ruth offers a worksheet you can download to walk you through today’s steps. You can get it by texting “stretchgoals” (without quotation marks) to 44222 or visit this link. Also, please rate and review this show on iTunes for a chance to win a mug or t-shirt!

[04:35] – We dive into the meat of the episode with a discussion of one of Ruth’s favorite topics: goal setting!

[06:21] – Have you ever heard of SMART goals? Ruth explains what these goals are, and why this formula isn’t complete.

[08:21] – Ruth explains the benefit of setting and committing to a goal so big that it freaks us out a little bit.

[09:27] – Ruth discusses the steps for making stretch goals a reality in your life.

[11:05] – We learn about Martha Stewart as an example of someone who didn’t realize her true passion until later than average. Ruth then goes on to list more inspirational examples of people who weren’t limited by their age.

[12:28] – Ruth lists some questions that you should ask yourself to figure out your big dream.

[13:44] – The second step of Ruth’s process is to focus. She explains what this means, and offers advice on how to figure it out.

[15:26] – Once you’ve thought about all your options, it’s time to rule some of them out. Ruth discusses how to do this.

[16:30] – Step three is where the rubber meets the road, Ruth explains.

[18:02] – Ruth talks about the first time she experienced all of this for herself, which was when she started her blog.

[20:20] – We hear how Ruth’s husband reacted when she shared her goal with him, and how Ruth responded to this reaction.

[21:23] – Ruth was scared and had no idea what she was doing, but she knew that she could figure it out eventually.

[22:00] – There is one more step you’ll need to take, and this is the most important! Step 4 is to execute.

[24:02] – In the end, all of Ruth’s sacrifices paid off. After two and a half years of blogging, her husband was able to quit his job and her big goal became a reality.

[25:08] – Ruth offers a quick recap of the four simple steps that you can take to set your big goals.