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EP 2: There’s No Such Thing as a Good Excuse with Susie Moore

Apr 3, 2018


Who’s on This Episode

Susie Moore

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EP 2: There’s No Such Thing as a Good Excuse with Susie Moore

Welcome to the Do It Scared podcast! In every episode of this podcast, we’ll talk about how to face your fears, overcome obstacles, and create a life you love!

In this episode, I’ll talk with author, journalist, and side-hustler extraordinaire Susie Moore about not letting the bad things that happen to you stand in your way. She has moved halfway across the world twice, and had the courage to walk away from a high-powered job to pursue her own dreams.

One of the most important takeaways from this episode is that nobody else knows what they’re doing either. We all feel fear often (even daily), but when you look at someone else and think they know exactly what they’re doing, they probably don’t. They’re just figuring it out as they go too. What this means is that your dream life isn’t out of your reach, achievable only by some sort of superhero who has all the answers. You, too, can figure it out as you go along. Tune in to learn more, and for many more inspirational tips and insights!


[02:48] – Ruth touches on a couple quick points before we dive into today’s conversation with Susie.

[04:36] – Susie offers a brief overview of her story, and describes where she is now.

[06:08] – How did Susie know that divorce was the right step for her, and how did she have the courage to take that step?

[09:07] – We learn about Susie’s career in sales and her transition to self-employment.

[11:56] – Taking risks is like exercising a courage muscle, Ruth says. Susie then shares some words of wisdom from Ricky Gervais.

[16:06] – Susie shares more about her mom and her family life as she was growing up in the UK in the equivalent of the projects.

[20:09] – Was there a time when Susie consciously decided not to let her childhood circumstances define her or the rest of her life?

[23:39] – You can have either excuses or results, Susie points out.

[24:51] – Susie flips things around and asks Ruth a question: what makes her so courageous and how does her no-excuses mentality work for her?

[28:01] – Another piece of the puzzle is being very selective about what you allow into your life, Susie points out

[31:12] – Are there any rules that Susie feels like are for suckers?

[34:02] – Ruth talks about the reactions she’s gotten to using her “rules are for suckers” mantra with her kids.

[34:55] – We hear about some of Susie’s current projects.e preach taking the leap without assessing whether they’re really prepared.

[37:57] – Susie explains the concept of side hustles, and offers some examples to help listeners understand what they are.

[41:49] – Does Susie struggle with perfectionism? Perhaps surprisingly, she and Ruth turn out not to be perfectionists at all.

[44:00] – We learn why it’s important to be embarrassed by last year’s work.

[47:13] – Susie talks about the role of having a sense of humor, and points out that being carefree is the goal.

[51:04] – How does Susie practice self-care in her business in life, and how does she protect her confidence as an entrepreneur?

[52:57] – Susie shares some parting words of advice for listeners, and lists some places where people can find her.