EP 52: Stop Making Success So Hard with Susie Moore

Apr 8, 2019

EP 52: Stop Making Success So Hard with Susie Moore

Can you believe it’s already been a year since we launched the Do It Scared® podcast?! If you’ve been listening from the beginning, you probably remember the very first guest, Susie Moore. I’m thrilled to say that she’s back for today’s anniversary episode! Susie and I will chat about why you’re probably making it too hard, and how you can make going after your goals and dreams so much easier.

Susie will introduce herself again in case you aren’t already familiar with her, but if you haven’t heard our first conversation on the show, I really recommend you go back and listen! We’ll also spend some time talking about our truth club. I get so many questions about this mastermind from listeners who want to know how to get started with creating their own, so if you’ve ever wondered about that, this is the episode for you!

At the last meeting of our truth club, I pretty much got my butt kicked. See, I’m not naturally good at publicity and outreach, and Susie is amazing at it, but I didn’t want to do what she was saying I had to do. Finally she told me something that blew my mind: “It can be easy. You don’t need to make it this hard.” I followed through with the assignment that my truth club gave me, and in 24 hours, I was completely cured of my fear of outreach.

Isn’t that powerful? That’s the kind of amazing insight and breakthrough that I hope you experience while you listen to this episode! Everything you’re afraid of right now is all in your head, and creating a life you love is easier than you’re making it. Susie will help you question your thoughts, overcome your fears, and make things easier than you realized they could be!


[01:46] – Welcome to the one-year-anniversary episode of the podcast! Today’s guest is the amazing Susie Moore, who was Ruth’s very first guest on the show.
[02:38] – Ruth shares how inspired he has been by not only the podcast’s guests, but also its listeners.
[05:36] – Susie introduces herself for people who aren’t familiar with her either on her own or from the previous conversation on the podcast.
[07:14] – We hear more about Susie’s background and some of the incredibly hard stuff that she has gone through.
[09:17] – Susie takes some time to talk about the truth club mastermind that she and Ruth are members of. Ruth then explains a few things that have really made the truth club work.
[11:56] – It’s important to let yourself be seen, Susie points out. She and Ruth then talk about how they find the right people to form their truth club.
[13:40] – We hear about the importance of paying attention and showing up for everything from making inspirational friends to creating a joke.
[16:00] – Ruth points out that all you need to do to meet people is start asking people questions about themselves.
[16:46] – We hear about the last time that Ruth’s truth club met, when Ruth claims that there was yelling going on because she had to do things that she didn’t want to do.
[20:28] – The concept that Ruth has been discussing can be applied to anything, Susie points out.
[22:28] – What advice would Susie give someone who’s struggling to get past their fear?
[26:09] – Susie points out that even Ruth thinks that she’s a loser when she has a bad day.
[30:16] – How has it been for Susie to have her husband, Heath, work at her business full-time now? Was it scary to make that leap? How did they make the decision? What has she learned?
[32:40] – Susie talks about whether there was a learning curve with having her husband come work from home.
[34:22] – We hear about the importance of asking for something, and Susie explains that publicity is more accessible than people think.
[36:30] – You don’t need to be a guru or an expert, Susie points out. Ruth then relates this to her own business, which started as being about something she wasn’t very good at.
[39:28] – Ruth takes a moment to talk about how amazing Susie’s course Five Minutes to Famous is for business owners or anyone else who wants to get seen.
[40:16] – What advice does Susie have for people who are ready to become more confident?
[42:56] – Ruth points out that we have an insatiable need to keep having positive messages flow in.
[46:18] – What is Susie working on right now that has her really fired up?
[48:35] – What is the best piece of advice that Susie has received in the last year, after her previous episode aired?
[49:22] – What else does Susie want listeners to know, and where can she be found online?