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EP 53: Not All Fear Is Created Equal: Why Identifying Your Fear is the First Essential Step to Overcoming It

Apr 15, 2019


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Ruth Soukup

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EP 53: Not All Fear Is Created Equal: Why Identifying Your Fear is the First Essential Step to Overcoming It

Did you know that each of us has a fear archetype? During my research for my new book, I wanted to figure out how fear keeps us stuck and holds us back, as well as what we can do it about it! My team and I discovered that there are seven fear archetypes, each of which describes a way that fear plays out and manifests itself in someone’s life.

Ready to learn more? You’re in luck! Today, I’ll dive into these seven fear archetypes, and explore why identifying your own fear archetype is so vitally important. You see, not all fear is created equal, and the way it looks is really different from person to person. Once you understand your fear archetype, you’ll be better equipped to overcome your fear.

Fear is meant to keep us safe, but it also holds us back. As I researched fear in over 4,000 people, I made a breathtaking discovery: there are seven fear patterns, or fear archetypes. Each of us possess qualities of all seven archetypes, but most of us have one or two that affect us far more strongly than the others. Ready to learn what they are?

  1. The procrastinator (or the perfectionist)
  2. The rule follower
  3. The people pleaser
  4. The outcast
  5. The self-doubter
  6. The excuse maker
  7. The pessimist

Tune into the episode to learn about each of these fear archetypes and how they show up. Have you figured out which archetype describes you? Ready to learn whether your guess is correct? Head to the Do It Scared Fear Assessment to take a quiz that will tell you exactly what your fear archetype is, and how it can manifest in your life.


[01:21] – Welcome back to the podcast! Today’s episode is all about fear, and the ways it manifests itself in our lives.
[04:32] – Ruth offers listeners a freebie: the Do It Scared Fear Assessment.
[05:46] – Fear is one of our most basic instincts and is intended to protect us, but ends up holding us back, too.
[08:16] – Ruth points out that not all fear is created equal, and talks about how she discovered the seven fear archetypes.
[11:35] – We learn about the first fear archetype: the procrastinator (or the perfectionist).
[14:42] – The second fear archetype is the rule follower. Ruth explains the pros, cons, and traits of this type.
[17:28] – Next up is the people-pleaser archetype, which is naturally drawn to seek the approval of others and fears being judged.
[20:21] – We hear about the fourth fear archetype, which is the outcast. This archetype is characterized by fear of rejection.
[23:20] – The fifth fear archetype is the self-doubter, who struggles with the fear of not being capable.
[26:22] – Ruth describes the excuse maker archetype, which is the sixth of the seven fear archetypes.
[29:26] – The seventh and final fear archetype is the pessimist, who struggles with the fear of adversity.
[32:21] – Ruth recaps the seven fear archetypes, and talks about why the information about your fear archetype matters.
[34:08] – If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Ruth by email at ruth@ruthsoukup.com or in a message on Instagram.