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EP 55: The 7 Principles of Courage

Apr 29, 2019


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Ruth Soukup

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EP 55: The 7 Principles of Courage

A couple weeks ago, in episode 53, I described the seven fear archetypes and suggested that you find yours at the Do It Scared Fear Assessment™. Identifying your fear is the first step in conquering it, but the next step is the subject of today’s episode: changing your mindset when it comes to fear!

The seven principles of courage are the basic principles we all need to adopt to start facing our fears head-on. I’ve actually already talked about each of these seven principles on the podcast before, but today I’m bringing them all together and talk about how adopting this new set of core beliefs can help give you the courage to do hard things, achieve your goals and dreams, and finally create that life you love!

We all experience fear, but it affects some people more than others. The reason for this comes down to one simple factor: mindset. The good news is that your mindset is something you can change! That’s what this episode is designed to help you do. The seven principles of courage will help you start shifting your mindset so you can push past the fear that may be holding you back.

It’s time to take a step back and look at the bigger picture when it comes to facing your fears and overcoming adversity in your life. Instead of addressing each fear individually, I want you to look at what it means to start adopting a new set of principles in your life: the principles of courage.


[02:19] – Ruth welcomes listeners to today’s episode, which explores the seven principles of courage.
[03:04] – We hear a quick reminder that Ruth described seven fear archetypes a couple weeks ago in episode 53, and learn about how the seven principles of courage relate.
[05:52] – Ruth talks about what makes people who seem fearless different from the rest of us.
[08:46] – The first principle of courage is daring to think big. We need big goals to get big things done!
[11:39] – We learn about the second principle of courage, which is that rules are for suckers. (Don’t worry, not all rules!)
[14:27] – Ruth talks about principle #3, which is to always own it. In her description, she talks about the problem with waiting to be rescued.
[18:21] – The fourth principle of courage is that there are no mistakes, only lessons. Ruth relates this principle to her own life experiences, which have often been lessons.
[21:04] – We hear about the fifth principle: embrace honest feedback. Humans are fundamentally flawed and predisposed to make stupid decisions, so it’s important to have accountability.
[23:41] – Balance is overrated, Ruth points out as the sixth of the seven principles of courage.
[26:16] – Finally, the seventh principle of courage is to just keep going. Ruth digs into why this is so important.
[29:17] – Ruth recaps the seven principles of courage, and talks about how powerful they can be in creating a life you love!
[30:17] – Don’t forget that Ruth loves hearing from listeners! Please reach out to her by email at ruth@livingwellspendingless.com or on Instagram.