EP 57: Why Action is the Antidote to Fear (And What You Can Do to Take Those First Scary Steps)

May 13, 2019


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Ruth Soukup

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EP 57: Why Action is the Antidote to Fear (And What You Can Do to Take Those First Scary Steps)

Over the last few standalone episodes, I’ve been sharing a practical approach to overcoming fear. Today’s episode rounds out this series by digging deep into why action is the only true antidote to fear, and what you can do to take those first (very scary) steps.

In episode 53, I introduced the fear archetypes and talked about figuring out how fear manifests for you. Two weeks later, in episode 55, I explored the path to changing your mindset about fear and adopting a new set of core beliefs that would help you step outside of your comfort zone. This episode is the third and final piece of this puzzle: taking action in your life! It’s time to stop thinking about the things you might like to do someday, and start taking real steps in that direction.

I don’t want this to be too vague, though, so this episode is going to be very practical! I’ll give you seven concrete actions that you can take right away to get yourself moving into the life you’ve imagined. You’ll need to tune into the episode to learn all about each of these actions, but here’s a quick preview (or refresher if you’ve already listened). Ready to learn what these seven actions are?

  1. Claim your target.
  2. Find your “why.”
  3. Create your plan.
  4. Form your truth club.
  5. Stop comparing.
  6. Eliminate excuses.
  7. Stay encouraged.

Don’t miss this empowering episode! It’s time to finally move past your fear and create a life you’ll love, and this episode and the seven action steps will help you do exactly that.


[01:57] – Ruth introduces today’s episode, which will round out the practical approach to overcoming fear that she has been exploring over the past few standalone episodes.
[05:26] – We hear about how hard it is to take the first step, and the power of being in motion.
[07:31] – The first of the seven specific actions that Ruth will cover today is to claim your target.
[10:51] – Ruth explains the second action that you’ll need to take to take those first steps and get into action.
[12:47] – Action step #3 is to create your plan, Ruth explains.
[15:08] – Your fourth action step is to form your truth club and surround yourself with people who will hold you accountable and push you to grow.
[16:38] – Ruth talks about the fifth action step, which is to stop comparing yourself to those around you.
[19:01] – Next, eliminate excuses! Ruth explains how much of life is outside of our control, and the only thing you can control is yourself.
[21:35] – Your seventh and final action step is to stay encouraged. When the going gets tough, this can be hard to do, but that’s when you need it most!
[24:03] – Action is the only antidote to fear, Ruth explains, and recaps the seven action steps that she has covered in today’s episode.
[26:24] – Ruth loves hearing from listeners, so don’t hesitate to reach out to her! You can get in touch on Instagram or by email at ruth@livingwellspendingless.com.