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EP 56: Moving Forward Even When You Don’t Have It All Figured Out with Jennifer Roskamp

May 6, 2019


Who’s on This Episode

Jennifer Roskamp

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EP 56: Moving Forward Even When You Don’t Have It All Figured Out with Jennifer Roskamp

Jennifer Roskamp joins me today for a powerful and inspirational conversation about daring to face life’s biggest challenges head-on, and why you don’t need to have it all figured out right now. In case you don’t already know of her, Jennifer is a blogger, author, and supermom of nine kids.

Over the past few years, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Jennifer through Elite Blog Academy®. I’ve watched her grow her part-time hobby into a six-figure business that supports her family of nine kids. She’s an amazing woman who’s full of wisdom about overcoming scary circumstances and surviving difficult seasons of your life with grace and courage. One of the things I love about Jennifer is how she approaches the world from a pragmatic and empowering perspective that’s incredibly refreshing

Jennifer and her husband got married young, took a few years to have fun, then decided to buy a house and have a family. They put down a 70% deposit on their first house, then had three kids in four years. They then decided that four would be a good number… and from there, the magic happened! Having more kids was so much fun that now they’re up to nine.

With only the pipe dream of making $1,000 a month so she could take her family on an annual vacation, Jennifer started her blog several years ago. After a few months of blogging, she joined EBA. Four months after that, her husband lost his job. That’s when Jennifer got serious about making money from her blog. The next month, she made $100. From there, it went up until she was earning real money within six months. Now, she’s incredibly successful and living a life she loves! Tune into this episode to learn how she did it (and get some inspiration for how you can too).


[01:23] – Ruth welcomes listeners to today’s episode, and introduces its amazing guest: Jennifer Roskamp.
[05:31] – Jennifer gives listeners an overview of who she is, what she does, and how she got to where she is right now, especially when it comes to having nine kids!
[08:29] – Ruth digs a little deeper into some of the parts of Jennifer’s backstory that she glossed over.
[12:08] – We learn that Jennifer was confident in being able to stretch the family’s money, and was determined to make her blog support the family.
[12:52] – After the moment that Jennifer decided to make serious income from her blog, how long did it take for her to generate revenue?
[15:30] – Ruth talks about the state of mind that Jennifer was in when they started getting to know each other.
[17:25] – Jennifer points out that she had been a homeschooling mom until she and her husband reversed roles.
[20:21] – We hear about ways in which Jennifer’s perspective that failure isn’t an option isn’t always a good thing.
[24:14] – Ruth shares one of the things that she loves about Jennifer’s story.
[26:08] – How does Jennifer avoid letting excuses stand in her way? Is it a conscious choice?
[29:45] – One of the things that Ruth and Jennifer joke about is that positivity is one of the lowest traits on Jennifer’s strengths test, even though she always seems to have such a great attitude.
[32:00] – Jennifer talks about how it feels to have gone from struggling to get by to building her dream home.
[35:02] – What would Jennifer say to someone listening who thinks that Jennifer’s success will never happen for them?
[37:00] – We hear about the role that fear has played in Jennifer’s life and path to success.
[40:18] – What is one of the hardest mistakes that Jennifer has had to learn, either in business or in life?
[43:00] – Jennifer shares what she’s working on right now that has her really fired up.
[46:36] – How does Jennifer practice self-care in her life and in her business?
[48:39] – We hear about the best piece of advice that Jennifer has ever gotten, and why it’s so powerful.
[50:23] – Is there anything else Jennifer wants listeners to know, and where can we find her online?