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EP 58: Ruth Gets Real

May 20, 2019


Who’s on This Episode

Ruth Soukup

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EP 58: Ruth Gets Real

This is launch week of my new book Do It Scared™ book. It arrives in bookstores tomorrow. If you haven’t grabbed your copy yet, be sure to do so this week to take advantage of all of the incredible bonuses we are offering. Also be sure and post a picture of you and the book on social media with #DoItScaredMovement and be sure to tag me, as well. This is the book that shows you how to face your fears and overcome any obstacles that may be standing in your way.

In honor of launch week, I’m doing something different on this show. Things are being flipped upside down and the interviewer (me) is becoming the interviewee. I’m being interviewed by my friend and head of operations of my company Laura Miller. Laura is someone who knows me well and who I trust completely.

She is also one of the few people willing to ask questions that no one else would dare to. It was kind of terrifying to get that real with Laura, but that is exactly what this podcast is about. It’s about facing fears that are holding us back and moving forward to create the life we really want.

I also want to encourage you to take our The Do it Scared Fear Assessment™ if you haven’t already. It will allow you to identify your own fear archetype and, guys, it is such a useful tool. People have been getting so much value and insight out of that one tool because in learning your fear and learning your fear archetype you really get that insight into yourself.

The free version of the assessment will give you your top archetype, or you can upgrade to the premium version of the assessment and get information on your top three archetypes and how they all interplay together as well as get your overall fear score.

It’s super valuable information. Actually if you’ve ordered my new book, Do It Scared™ book, or you’ve bought it in the store this week, you can claim our book bonuses by using your order number or your receipt number and get that premium assessment for free along with our other amazing bonuses.


[07:02] – Ruth’s perfect day is laying in bed and having a mimosa, a little sex, and then hanging out with her family, playing games, and going out for a really good dinner. Her perfect work day would be doing what she already does.

[09:36] – Ruth loves to travel. Travel is her biggest hobby, and she loves travel hacking. Getting points and deals is like a game to her.

[10:37] – She wants to go to Cambodia and the Galapagos. They are taking two separate family vacations this year. Then everyone is going to Seattle to visit family.

[12:32] – Ruth wants her two daughters to think of her as fun and a woman who goes for it.

[14:13] – Ruth loves how her family is non-traditional in a sense that they have a stay-at-home dad. She wants her daughters to know that they can go out and do anything. Her daughters also have a close relationship with their dad. It’s a powerful gift.

[16:27] – There are struggles with marriage. Ruth had to give up some control when her husband began staying home. She rented an office which helped them find their groove. They also went to marriage counseling last year.

[20:01] – Three years ago, Ruth was sued. It was stressful, and she started smoking again.

[22:15] – Ruth quit smoking in 2004, on her husbands birthday. She hid her new smoking from her husband for six months. When she finally came clean her husband was the epitome of grace.

[25:39] – The premise of Doing It Scared kept coming up in Ruth’s community. People felt stuck and scared like they were sitting on the sidelines of their life. Ruth wanted to dig in and find a solution for the fear. She surveyed more than 4000 people. The data was intense.

[27:35] – We all experience fear in a unique way, but there are seven archetypes. When we can see the patterns, we can start to do something about it.

[28:59] – Ruth’s fear archetype is an outcast. Some things are shaped by the way we grow up. Ruth always felt like the black sheep.

[31:47] – One of the biggest challenges of the book was having to sit down and write. Writing is hard work. Editing is hard because of the feedback. Now it’s terrifying to think that the book is about to be out there in the public.

[34:17] – This is Ruth’s sixth book. She has a successful 7 figure company with 15 employees. Her friends and family keep her humble.

[36:12] – The community will help with accountability and lifting each other up. Sometimes groups of friends kind of reject someone going through personal growth, so it’s important to be a part of a like minded community.

[39:03] – The reason Ruth’s second marriage is so successful is probably because her first marriage was so messed up. Her one true regret was not buying a cabin in Tennessee.

[42:09] – When depressed, it’s easy to think that there is no other alternative. Ruth shares openly to let others know that there really is hope.

[46:12] – Ruth works out three times a week. For self-care, sleep is big for her. She also takes weekends off and has mental breaks. She recharges by being alone.

[48:03] – Ruth loves all the Pitch Perfect movies.

[49:28] – Just keep going no matter what!