Ep. 105: Living Life on Your Own Terms in Uncertain Times With Susie Moore

Apr 13, 2020

Ep. 105: Living Life on Your Own Terms in Uncertain Times With Susie Moore

You guys, I’m so excited to be welcoming my dear friend and truth club member Susie Moore back onto the show for the third time! Susie is an amazing woman who always makes me feel inspired and empowered just by being around her. If you haven’t already heard our previous conversations in episode 2 and episode 52, make sure you go check those out too!

Susie’s warm, inspiring voice is just what I needed in these challenging times, and I bet it’ll make you feel better too! She’s here today to talk about finding your confidence in uncertain times, letting it be easy, and living life on your own terms. The world definitely feels a little bit crazy right now, but you can still cultivate your own self-confidence and take charge of your experience.

After all, we have so much more control than we may realize, even when it doesn’t feel like it. In your own home and mind, you’re in complete control. You choose how to spend your time, where to focus, how to distract yourself, and even whether to feel peace or fear. If that sounds hard or even impossible right now, this is the episode for you! Susie gives so much clear advice into how to make the best of these unusual circumstances.

Susie’s strategy, she explains, is to set herself up as well as possible for when the world is normal again (because once that happens, she wants to be able to take a break and just enjoy herself!). And if you’re thinking that it sounds like she’s not personally affected, think again: she’s been putting so much work into her book launch for later this month, and now it all has to be completely changed. But after a couple of days of letting herself feel disappointed, Susie picked herself up and got back to business.

Tune into this fantastic conversation with one of my favorite people to get inspired, rejuvenated, and back on track! We’ll talk about taking a million steps back to gain a wider perspective, why it’s not actually the fear of failure that frightens us (and what we’re actually afraid of instead), the goal of all other goals, working hard to let it be easy, and making your inner “like” button the loudest! It’s time to let go of seeking approval and start trusting yourself, and there’s no better time to get started.


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[01:37] – Ruth welcomes listeners back to the show and introduces today’s awesome guest, her dear friend Susie Moore!
[03:38] – Susie and Ruth chat briefly, then Susie talks about what has changed for her in the past year since she was last on the podcast.
[05:33] – It’s great to listen to people, but in the end, you need to listen to yourself. Susie explains that she has been trusting herself more and more over the past year.
[08:26] – What is Susie’s advice for people navigating the complete change that coronavirus has brought to all of our lives?
[09:59] – Susie talks about how she’s navigating the changes in her own business.
[12:35] – We hear about how Susie has dealt with the disappointment surrounding the complete change of plans for her book launch after she put so much work into it.
[14:21] – How long did Susie give herself to be upset and disappointed before she shifted her focus?
[16:33] – Susie shares some of the specific steps she took to shift from disappointment and fear into looking at the bright side
[19:48] – Ruth shifts gears into talking about Susie’s amazing new book, Stop Checking Your Likes.
[20:38] – What inspired Susie to write her book, and what is she hoping people will get out of it?
[23:22] – Sometimes our fear of being judged by other people isn’t conscious, Susie explains, and can show up in our beliefs and how we see the world. She then offers an exercise that listeners can complete to help change their perspective.
[25:48] – Ruth talks about Susie’s childhood, and shares one of her most valuable takeaways.
[28:03] – Susie shares her thoughts on how someone can get to the point of not being bitter, even when you have plenty of reasons to be.
[30:19] – One of the things that Ruth finds inspiring is that Susie basically isn’t qualified to do anything that she’s doing, and yet she’s so successful.
[32:51] – Letting it be easy doesn’t come easily to almost anybody, Susie explains. She and Ruth then talk about the importance of not spreading self-critical words.
[36:53] – Susie points out that every woman is beautiful, and explains that complaining about your body is being high-maintenance.
[39:42] – How has Susie gotten to a point where she doesn’t fear rejection, and how can others start to reach the same point?
[42:32] – Susie shares her reaction when she gets a rejection now.
[43:06] – What is the best piece of advice that Susie has gotten lately, and why was it so valuable?
[43:53] – Does Susie have any final words or pieces of wisdom to share?
[45:44] – Remember to check out Ruth’s TED Talk! And if you have any thoughts, questions, or ideas for the podcast, get in touch with Ruth by email at ruth@livingwellspendingless.com or message her on Instagram!