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EP 44: Getting Unstuck and Finding Your Path with Faith Mariah

Feb 11, 2019

EP 44: Getting Unstuck and Finding Your Path with Faith Mariah

Welcome to the Do It Scared™ podcast! In every episode of this podcast, we’ll talk about how to face your fears, overcome obstacles, and create a life you love!

Blogger, podcaster, and mental health advocate Faith Mariah joins me today for a conversation about finding the courage to show up and just keep going! Faith is full of insight to share on topics ranging from starting a business to viewing challenges as opportunities instead of stumbling blocks. We’ll chat about getting unstuck, finding your path, and daring to go all in even when you’re not totally sure that you know what you’re doing.

As you’ll learn today, Faith is dedicated to helping women who struggle with depression and anxiety. She worked as a wilderness counselor, and spent the money she earned on traveling. After a trip to Montana, Faith had the darkest time of her life, when one of her friends who had been in an abusive relationship went missing. Faith found herself no longer interested in counseling or traveling, and got a 9-to-5 job while waiting for her tragedy to pass.

Eventually, while browsing Pinterest, Faith found a blogging income report by Rosemarie Groner. This inspired Faith to make a new year’s resolution to launch a blog. She joined EBA in March, and by October, she was making as much money from blogging as from her job, so she quit the day job.

As Faith points out today, one of the huge takeaways from this is that the hard times are ultimately working in your favor. She’ll also reveal that she came incredibly close to quitting her blog because it wasn’t making money at all, and just a few weeks later, she started making a full-time income from it. This is a powerful lesson in why you shouldn’t give up!

If you ever deal with anxiety, feeling stuck, or worry about taking the next steps in your business (and let’s be honest, don’t we all feel those things sometimes?), this is the episode for you! Faith is a true inspiration who will help you deeply realize that you really can create the life you want.


[01:27] – Ruth welcomes listeners to the show and introduces Faith Mariah, the founder of the Radical Transformation Project.
[04:36] – Faith talks a bit about who she is, what she does, and how she got to where she is today.
[10:25] – Ruth points out that listeners can probably relate to Faith’s experience of not knowing what they’re doing in life or being where they want to be.
[11:08] – Did Faith know from the beginning exactly what she wanted to blog about?
[12:58] – What gave Faith the courage to jump in and pour herself into blogging?
[15:30] – Faith shares one of the biggest takeaways that she’s had from her journey so far.
[17:23] – We learn about how Faith brings her perspective to her business and her blog.
[21:37] – What is Faith’s favorite part of having an online business? She answers that she loves everything about it!
[25:18] – Ruth takes a moment to emphasize the importance of just not quitting.
[28:55] – What advice would Faith give someone who wants to get more traction for their online business?
[32:23] – We learn about how fear showed up for Faith in her life and her business, and how she has moved past it.
[37:09] – Faith talks about one of the hardest lesson that she has had to learn.
[40:07] – What’s Faith working on that has her really fired up right now?
[46:22] – Faith shares one of the best pieces of advice that she has ever received, and explains why it was so powerful for her.
[49:13] – Faith lists some places where listeners can find her online.