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EP 57: Why Action is the Antidote to Fear (And What You Can Do to Take Those First Scary Steps)

Action is the only real antidote to fear. Taking focused action is the only way to get where you want to go! If that sounds daunting or overwhelming, don’t worry; this episode explores seven concrete action steps to take.

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EP 56: Moving Forward Even When You Don’t Have It All Figured Out with Jennifer Roskamp

What would you do if you were a stay-at-home mom of nine, and your husband lost his job? Jennifer Roskamp’s answer was to turn her hobby blog into a six-figure business! Tune in to hear her wisdom on facing challenges head-on.

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EP 55: The 7 Principles of Courage

If you’re ready to break through the fears that are holding you back, this is the episode for you! The seven principles of courage are powerful tools that will help you overcome your fears and achieve your biggest dreams.

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EP 53: Not All Fear Is Created Equal: Why Identifying Your Fear is the First Essential Step to Overcoming It

Each of us has a fear archetype that shows how fear manifests in our lives and affects what we do. Knowing which of the seven fear archetypes describes you helps you identify your deepest fears, which is the first step in growing past them!

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EP 51: Surefire Steps to Boost Your Confidence So That You Can Dare to Create a Life You Love

Developing your self-confidence is one of the surest ways to overcome fear, get unstuck, and start building a life you’ll love! But how do you develop that confidence? Today’s episode offers five practical steps to get started.

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