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Ep. 89: Use Your Fear to Your Advantage While Staying True to Yourself with Heather Adams

Dec 23, 2019

Ep. 89: Use Your Fear to Your Advantage While Staying True to Yourself with Heather Adams

Whether you’re a blogger, a business owner, an author, or an influencer, you know how important it is to stand out from the crowd and get your name out there, even when it can feel scary. PR expert Heather Adams joins me today about what it takes to stand out in the world of business, and how to leverage your fear to your advantage!

Heather grew up in Atlanta, then studied journalism at the University of Georgia. She found herself fascinated by the juxtaposition of politics and media during an internship, so after graduating, she went to work for a local county government. In that job, she juggled various roles dealing with communications. Her impulsive choice to quit led to a series of events that brought her to working at a publishing house. After over a decade there, she was laid off, and ended up founding her own company.

One thing I particularly love about Heather is her incredible abundance mindset. Instead of being fearful and jealously guarding information, she generously shares her wisdom with those around her. And that includes listeners in this conversation today! If you’re someone who wants to get your name out there, you’ll love her perspective into some of the best practices she’s seen, as well as the worst things that someone could do.

Today’s conversation will also dig into finding the courage to start your own business, learning how to leverage your own unique fears and strengths, and why staying true to your authentic self is the best way to get noticed. She has so much insight to share, and she has definitely walked the walk in her own life and business. Other gems of wisdom include listening to your gut, taking care of your people as your #1 priority, and hiring better and smarter than you. Don’t miss this amazing conversation with a woman who knows exactly what it takes to truly stand out!


[00:47] – Today’s episode comes to you courtesy of Elite Blog Academy, which can help you build a successful business! Learn more at the free training for podcast listeners at this link.
[01:38] – Welcome back to the show! Ruth introduces today’s guest, Heather Adams.
[04:21] – Heather introduces herself, talks about what she does, and gives an overview of how she got there.
[08:30] – We learn why Heather left the job that she has been describing, with no notice and no new job lined up.
[11:18] – Heather explains how she made her way back into communications via a job at a publishing house. She also talks about the experience of being laid off after a decade.
[14:30] – Was Heather completely shocked when she was laid off, or did she see it coming?
[15:53] – We hear about the early days of Heather’s business, which she did for several years before realizing that she wanted to do good work by leading and empowering a team.
[17:57] – What was it actually like for Heather to decide to start her own publicity firm?
[19:48] – We hear how old Heather’s kids were when she started her company.
[21:32] – Does Heather have any advice for someone who is just starting their own business, or particular mistakes that she wants to help people avoid?
[23:51] – Heather shares a specific example of a time that she made the mistake of ignoring a gut instinct.
[25:14] – What does making your people a priority look like on a practical level? Heather answers, then Ruth offers a couple of book recommendations.
[28:26] – What is Heather’s fear archetype? She and Ruth discuss her answer.
[32:48] – Heather talks about some of the things in her business that have really scared her, and how she learned to move past those.
[35:43] – As a publicist, what advice would Heather give someone who wants to get their name out there?
[39:52] – Heather discusses whether it’s good to be polarizing and controversial.
[41:22] – Ruth and Heather talk about how important it is to know exactly who you’re writing to, down to her name.
[43:07] – What is Heather working on right now that has her all fired up? Does she have any big goals that she’s working on?
[45:12] – We hear about how Heather was inspired to work with an abundance-based mentality.
[46:50] – How does Heather practice self-care in her life and her business?
[48:55] – What is the best piece of advice that Heather has ever received, and why?
[50:24] – Heather offers a special gift: a FREE brand audit to one listener of the podcast! To enter to win, send an email to info@choicepublicity.com with your name, contact information, links to your platform(s), what industry you’re in, and an explanation of why you would be interested in a brand audit and what you hope to get out of it.
[53:03] – Does Heather have any final words of wisdom to share? And where can we find her online?
[54:20] – Ruth loves to hear from listeners! Reach out by email at ruth@livingwellspendingless.com or get in touch with her on Instagram. And don’t forget to subscribe on iTunes and leave a review there!