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Ep. 109: Why It’s Good to Be the Underdog (Even Now!) with Dean Graziosi

May 11, 2020

Ep. 109: Why It’s Good to Be the Underdog (Even Now!) with Dean Graziosi

In this time of crisis and anxiety, is there room for success and new beginnings? Bestselling author and business coach Dean Graziosi joins me today to dig deep into that question! We’ll chat about why it’s actually sometimes a good thing to be the underdog, especially in uncertain times and in the face of a global crisis.

And Dean definitely knows exactly what he’s talking about. From his humble and often chaotic beginnings, he has created multiple multi-million-dollar businesses, is a multiple New York Times bestselling author, and is one of the most watched real estate and success trainers of our generation. Instead of keeping his success strategies a secret, Dean is obsessed with sharing the powerful lessons he’s learned along the way.

As I mentioned, Dean grew up in a chaotic situation. His parents got married an incredible nine times between them, so his living situation and home dynamics were changing constantly. Seeing how hard his mom needed to work inspired Dean from a young age to make money, and gave him an entrepreneurial spirit. By 17, he was buying wrecked cars to fix and sell. By 20, he was doing something similar with apartments. And by 25, he was doing a bit of everything: building houses, selling houses, and running a collision shop, a used car dealership, and a tow truck company.

You might think it sounds like Dean was already pretty darn successful, but that wasn’t enough for him. He created an infomercial with every dime he had, and eventually achieved success on that path. In 2006, he wrote his first book, Totally Fulfilled, which became a New York Times bestseller. And since then, his success has only continued to skyrocket.

I know it might feel hopeless and overwhelming right now. But as Dean explains, at the end of this situation, you can be the person who wasted this time or the person who grew. And I’m sure you want to be one of the people who grew! Here are some sneak peeks into the kinds of questions that Dean wants you to ask yourself as you look for your path forward. Where are the pockets of growth? What can you provide inside the digital economy? How can you be part of the virtual connection we all need in the face of social distancing?

This is a time for courage, taking action, and being a role model. You have more resources and capabilities within you than you can possibly imagine, so screw waiting and start today, this moment, right now. This is your perfect moment. And, as your first step along this path, listen to this incredibly inspirational conversation with Dean!


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[01:35] – Welcome back to the show! Ruth introduces today’s guest, author and business coach Dean Graziosi.
[05:07] – For listeners who aren’t familiar with him, Dean chats about his journey and how he got to be doing what he’s doing now.
[09:01] – We’re all either running away from an uncomfortable situation or running toward something more pleasurable, Dean explains.
[11:43] – Dean talks about what he did when he was 29, when he created an infomercial with every dime he had.
[11:41] – Ruth responds to Dean’s amazing story about his journey.
[16:17] – What is Dean’s advice for anyone new to the business world who’s navigating this crisis? Where should people be focusing their time and energy right now?
[20:14] – We’re all facing our own battles right now, and need to find a way to be resourceful, Dean explains.
[22:29] – Dean talks about how someone can figure out how to be resourceful and push past fear.
[25:22] – Who do you want to be at the end of the pandemic? Dean points out that you have choices. Next, you can look for pockets of growth.
[27:54] – Ruth agrees with Dean, pointing out that the crisis has forever changed the way we connect and seek out information online.
[29:19] – How do you know that you’re taking advantage of an opportunity, and not taking advantage of people right now?
[32:49] – Dean talks more about how he personally navigated all the changes in his own business with his team.
[35:41] – It’s better to make a change that’s not perfect than to wait until you’re confident that you’re getting everything right, Dean explains. Just jump in and take action!
[37:52] – We hear about Dean’s new book, The Underdog Advantage, and why being an underdog can actually be an advantage.
[41:31] – How does someone know if they’re an underdog? Is everybody an underdog?
[43:33] – If you’re not climbing, you’re sliding, Dean explains.
[45:58] – Dean offers listeners the story of his own book as a specific example of what he’s been talking about.
[49:52] – Dean has been a rule-breaker for his whole life.
[52:29] – What is the best piece of advice that Dean has ever heard, and why?
[53:58] – Dean shares some powerful final words of wisdom, and offers listeners a FREE copy of his book The Underdog Advantage, just pay shipping! Head to this link to get yours.
[56:24] – Remember to check out Ruth’s TED Talk on the one simple trick to overcoming your biggest fear! And if you have any thoughts, questions, or ideas for the podcast, reach out to Ruth by email at or on Instagram!