EP 110: Get Ruthed: Focusing Your Energy Where It Counts With Kate Campion

May 18, 2020


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Kate Campion

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EP 110: Get Ruthed: Focusing Your Energy Where It Counts With Kate Campion

Ready for another Get Ruthed coaching episode?! This time, I’ll talk with EBA student Kate Campion about niching down, leveling up, and focusing your energy where it counts. Kate is the founder of My Sweet Home Life, where she writes about homemaking, relationships, and living well. Despite having blogged for several years now, Kate has struggled to turn her blog into a viable business.

This is a big year for Kate, because she’s taken a leave of absence from her job to focus on growing her business! Unfortunately, she’s struggling with frustration and burnout. Right now, Kate gets around 100,000 page views per month, but makes under $600 from her blog. And she only has six months to make this work, or else she’ll need to go back to her job.

That’s why I’m here to help! In this Get Ruthed coaching episode, I want to help Kate turn things around, regain her enthusiasm for her blog, and finally transform her traffic into a successful business with real income! She definitely has the numbers to support it, so it’s time for her to stop chasing page views and focus on what will really serve her business.

Kate’s blog is all over the place in terms of content. Each of her three main topics could be its own website, and it would still need niching down. Plus, she’s spending way too much time on creating content when she should be focusing on finding better revenue sources. At this point, she’s just selling ad space on billboards instead of actually farming her fields.

Let’s dive right in! Today, Kate and I will chat about how to quickly increase her on-site conversion rate by creating one amazingly compelling opt-in, why I’m telling her to write zero (yes, zero!) new articles for the next six months, and how she can turn the traffic she already has into a full-time income.


[00:49 Welcome back to the show! Ruth introduces Kate Campion, who’s here today to Get Ruthed!
[02:11] – Do you have a blog or online business? Are you thinking about starting one? If so, get your FREE copy of Ruth’s bestselling book How to Blog for Profit (Without Selling Your Soul)
[03:50] – Kate talks about where she feels like her biggest struggle is right now, and where she’s hoping Ruth can help her.
06:35] – Ruth starts off with the good news: Kate’s page views are impressive!
[07:56] – What is Kate selling?
[10:00] – When it comes to her blog, Kate feels like everything is all over the place, and she doesn’t have the confidence to know exactly what she should be doing.
[12:38] – Ruth points out that Kate is spending way too much time focusing on content and chasing pageviews.
[14:57] – We learn more about Kate’s tripwire.
[15:48] – Ruth issues a surprising order: for the next six months, Kate is to write zero articles.
[16:38] – What are Kate’s top five posts that are driving the most traffic to her site right now?
[20:13] – As soon as Kate starts to niche down, the products that she should create will become so much easier.
[21:57] – How many people does Kate have on her mailing list right now? And how many people are opting in each month?
[22:49 Ruth talks about the two ways that Kate can grow her email list.
[28:01] – Is Kate okay with honing in and niching down?
31:05] – Kate struggles to answer Ruth’s question about her avatar’s name, which reveals a bigger problem.
[33:12] – One of Kate’s new assignments is to hone in on her avatar and get her messaging super clear.
[35:31] – We hear about Kate’s own relationship history, and how her personal experiences have helped guide what she writes about.
[36:36] – Ruth explains why honing in on recent (or soon-to-be) empty nesters is a great choice.
[39:45] – After dealing with her messaging and lead magnet, Kate should create a great tripwire. Ruth offers some suggestions for what to start with.
[41:55] – What comes easily and naturally to you feels impossible to so many people, Ruth points out.
[43:34] – The third step for Kate to sort out is her on-site conversion rate.
[46:34] – Ruth recaps the steps that she wants Kate to take on her blog over the next six months.
[50:02] – We hear some quick calculations of how much money Kate could be making once she ups her conversion rate and tripwire sales.
[53:08] – Ruth takes a moment to sum up Kate’s situation, her struggles, and the biggest action steps that she needs to take right now.
[59:10] – Remember to grab your FREE copy of Ruth’s book How to Blog for Profit (Without Selling Your Soul)! And if you have questions, ideas, or thoughts to share, reach out to Ruth by email at ruth@livingwellspendingless.com or message her on Instagram.