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Ep. 111: Finding Your Sweet Spot & Knowing When to Pivot With Sagan Morrow

May 25, 2020

Ep. 111: Finding Your Sweet Spot & Knowing When to Pivot With Sagan Morrow

I’m so excited for this conversation Sagan Morrow about finding your sweet spot and knowing when it’s time to pivot. Sagan was an EBA student from way back, and she has successfully created a thriving online business featuring her skills as a productivity expert and romance novelist. It’s a unique combination, but it works for her, and I can’t wait for you to hear what she has to say!

Sagan started out as a health blogger in 2008. She began by  freelancing, which she enjoyed at the time, but experienced a lot of issues around working at home. Once a big contract ended and left her unsure of how to fill the void, she took a 9-5 job. Sagan soon discovered that she prefers owning her own business and being her own boss, and knew she had to make a change.

This discovery led Sagan to dig deep into figuring out how to get clients and work from home productively. She left her full-time job, and has been working from home ever since. When things didn’t go quite as she expected and her business partnership was dissolved, she started writing romance novels to give her a break from the situation. Since then, Sagan’s business has pivoted. She now spends most of her time teaching about time management and productivity for multi-passionate creatives.

One of Sagan’s strategies that I love is all about getting clear about the big picture and then breaking it down into action steps and milestones. And since she’s a multi-passionate person, she knows how hard it can be to focus on one single big goal! I think this is something that a lot of us struggle with, so her insight is invaluable.

Sagan will also chat about the value of a weekly audit, why she doesn’t believe that perfectionism really exists, how to know when it’s time to pivot into something else, and the most powerful advice she has ever received: “life is too short, but also too long, not to live your life the way you want.”


[00:48] – This episode is brought to you by Elite Blog Academy. Right now, you can grab a FREE copy of Ruth’s bestselling book How to Blog for Profit (Without Selling Your Soul)!
[01:52] – Ruth introduces today’s guest, Sagan Morrow. We also hear about Ruth’s new book How Big Is Your Brave?
[04:32] – Sagan talks about joining EBA many years ago, and shares the story of how she got to where she is now.
[10:05] – What does Sagan teach specifically, and what’s her sweet spot when it comes to productivity teaching?
[11:53] – We hear Sagan’s advice on how to know where to start with creating a productivity system that will work for you.
[13:23] – How do you translate what you want into action?
[15:42] – Sagan chats about staying focused on your big goal when so many things are competing for your time and attention.
[19:29] – Ruth backs things up to ask more about Sagan’s business partnership and its dissolution.
[22:27] – How long did it take Sagan to pivot from panic over her dissolved business to knowing what her next move was?
[24:58] – Sagan talks about how the coronavirus crisis affected her business, and shares advice or solopreneurs who are trying to navigate where they are now.
[27:24] – We hear about some of the signs that it’s time to pivot, and where to go from there.
[30:01] – What is Sagan’s fear archetype, and how has she seen it play out in her life and business?
[32:51] – Sagan talks about getting to the root of issues instead of just treating the symptoms.
[33:52] – Is there anything that has been really scaring Sagan in her business that she has been working to overcome?
[35:38] – We learn how Sagan worked through the challenge of tech specifically.
[37:44] – Ruth responds to Sagan’s strategy for dealing with technology, and shares her phrase for the year: “let it be easy.”
[40:00] – Sagan shares what’s next for her, and what she’s working on now that she’s really excited about.
[41:41] – What is the best piece of advice that Sagan has ever received, and why?
[43:12] – Sagan talks about her free business planning retreat workshop, which you can get at this link! She also shares some final inspirational words of wisdom.
[45:20] – Don’t forget to check out Ruth’s brand new book How Big Is Your Brave?! If you have any questions about this podcast or topics you’d like to hear about, send Ruth an email at ruth@livingwellspendingless.com or message her on Instagram.