EP 112: Get Ruthed Update: How Going For Progress (Not Perfection) Paid Off with Cassidy Tuttle

Jun 1, 2020

EP 112: Get Ruthed Update: How Going For Progress (Not Perfection) Paid Off with Cassidy Tuttle

It’s so exciting for me to hear about how Get Ruthed coaching students have implemented what they learned! And that’s what we’re doing today, as we follow up with EBA student Cassidy Tuttle. You might remember that Cassidy, the founder of Succulents and Sunshine, had her original Get Ruthed coaching episode last fall.

Cassidy’s business helps customers successfully grow and propagate succulents. In our last conversation, she revealed that while she has plenty of traffic and earns a 6-figure income, she had a pretty serious conversion problem. I gave her four big action steps: work on increasing her on-site conversion rate, test different tripwire options, work on her email funnel, and work on selling more effectively to her subscribers.

We’ll start off by talking about the changes Cassidy has already made, and the results she’s been seeing. Adjusting her tripwire increased both her conversion rate and her revenue, and redoing her sales page has seen her conversion rate almost double. Her revenue is up to around $300 to $400 a day, partly thanks to her changes and partly due to the corona virus situation.

While things have been going well for Cassidy, there have been some struggles and challenges too. For example, it took her some time to figure out a way to close her course for enrollment in a way that was true and authentic for her. She’ll talk about how she addressed these challenges, and I’ll give her some advice on questions she’s facing now.

If you’re ready for some inspiration, you’ll love this episode! Cassidy’s journey really proves that it’s so valuable to change and improve what you can, even if you can’t make everything perfect or get through your whole to-do list. Improvements start compounding over time, so change what you can as soon as you can. And remember to go for progress, not perfection! 


[00:50] – Ruth welcomes listeners back to the show and introduces Cassidy Tuttle, who you might remember from last fall!
[02:13] – We hear a recap of the action steps that Cassidy needed to take after her last coaching episode.
[06:24] – What has been happening for Cassidy since she was last on the show?
[09:24] – Cassidy talks about what all of her changes have accomplished in terms of revenue.
[11:42] – So far, Cassidy hasn’t been working on lead generation, because she had to prioritize what she was going to do first. She also talks about what she’s planning to do next.
[16:14] – Ruth points out that you don’t need to do everything all at once, and talks about how much potential there is for Cassidy’s site to do even better.
[17:44] – What are some things that Cassidy tried that worked (or didn’t work)?
[21:04] – Ruth talks about the biggest place that people go wrong with bad conversions.
[22:33] – Did Cassidy apply the same messaging improvement to the sales page for her course?
[25:25] – You need to have a system for collecting testimonials, Ruth explains.
[26:40] – We hear about whether Cassidy has been asking for video testimonials.
[29:22] – Cassidy talks about the struggles and challenges that she has faced since the last time she talked with Ruth.
[32:21] – Having your volume of sales go up dramatically can be very stressful, Ruth points out.
[35:12] – Ruth talks about the growing pains of a business that’s increasing quickly, and the importance of fixing internal issues.
[39:10] – Cassidy asks for Ruth’s recommendations on setting up a system for hiring someone to deal with some correspondence without allowing full access to everything.
[44:52] – We hear Ruth’s excitement and enthusiasm for how well things have been going for Cassidy!
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