Ep. 113: Living in the Freedom to Be Who You Are With Jen Hatmaker

Jun 8, 2020

Ep. 113: Living in the Freedom to Be Who You Are With Jen Hatmaker

Bestselling author Jen Hatmaker is here to share her empowering message about the vital importance of finding the courage to just be you. The author of 12 books, including For The Love, Of Mess and Moxie, and her brand new book Fierce, Free, and Full of Fire, Jen is the perfect example of the magic that can happen when you let yourself shine. Tune in for her lessons on daring to fail, following your passion, and what it means to find your true self.

As a stay-at-home mom to three young kids, Jen could barely imagine the possibility of being a professional writer. But she felt a strong calling toward the career, and suggested to her husband that she should try to write a book instead of going back to teaching. Her husband did everything he could to facilitate her dream, and she started writing.

The good news about her earliest attempts, she jokes, is that she didn’t have any readers back then. But over time, she cultivated her voice and developed her skill in the craft of writing. Eventually she got an agent, and that’s when her career absolutely transformed. She was finally able to make a living as a writer, and reach her communities in whole new ways. Now, in addition to being a prolific author, she’s also the host of the Jen Hatmaker Book Club and the podcast For the Love.

I can’t wait for her to share her powerful and insightful perspective with you today! We’ll talk about her advice for women who hate their bodies, why she wouldn’t have wanted her success to happen overnight, and how to win the prize of getting to live free, true, and real. And remember: keep chasing your dreams and trying, even when the process seems slow or difficult and you’re working in obscurity.


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[01:49] – We hear about today’s guest, Jen Hatmaker, and what she’ll be talking about today.
[03:57] – Jen introduces herself, explaining who she is, what she does, and how she got to where she is now.
[09:23] – The years that Jen wrote purely for the love of the craft gave her time to grow and learn, she explains. She then talks about what changed her career.
[13:25] – Ruth takes a moment to share what she particularly loves about Jen’s story.
[17:04] – Jen talks about her new book, joking about its title and explaining that it’s the book she needed years ago.
[20:16] – Was there any experience in writing this particular book that Jen feels changed her?
[25:06] – Ruth reemphasizes Jen’s point that the biggest thing holding most women back is fear, and that this makes you a prisoner. Jen then responds to one of those fears with a suggestion.
[27:38] – Why does Jen think life gets so lonely, and what’s the solution to the pain of loneliness?
[31:09] – Jen talks about the worthy risk of being the first domino to tip.
[33:22] – We hear about the importance of self-discovery, and how someone can get started in that process.
[37:03] – Jen shares the first step along the path she’s been talking about, which involves starting with your internal narrative.
[39:32] – If any group is going to revoke your belonging for telling the truth, that’s not your true group to begin with.
[41:09] – How has Jen made peace with her own body, and is there any part she’s still struggling with?
[46:37] – Jen talks about how she has navigated the business side of being an author, and whether there’s anything that she wishes she had done differently.
[49:05] – When you can and if you can, ask for help, Jen recommends.
[51:13] – What was the best piece of advice that Jen has ever received, and why was it so valuable?
[52:58] – Jen shares where listeners can find her online, and
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