EP 114:Get Ruthed: Knowing Your Numbers and Increasing Your Conversions with Tamara Harris

Jun 15, 2020

EP 114:Get Ruthed: Knowing Your Numbers and Increasing Your Conversions with Tamara Harris

Ready to learn about niching down, knowing when to pivot, and increasing your conversion rate? So is my awesome Get Ruthed coaching episode guest Tamara Harris! I’ve known Tamara for a while now, and always love seeing how passionately she applies what she learns.

Tamara is the founder of Design Your Way Home, a website devoted to helping overwhelmed women create a home they love. She’s blogging for a couple years now, but it took her a while to figure out who she was talking to and what she wanted to say. She struggled to find her topic and her avatar, and even had thoughts that home decor wasn’t meaningful enough and that she should focus on what she does for work instead. But as she discovered through a couple of impactful conversations, home decor is exactly what she should be writing about.

And now, I’m thrilled to say that Tamara has nailed her messaging. After rebranding earlier this year, her traffic is starting to take off, and she sees all the potential waiting for her. There’s just one problem: her conversion rates aren’t awesome, which is going to hold her back from achieving all that potential that she sees. 

Dealing with conversions can feel scary and overwhelming. And it can be hard to know the first steps to take to improve! Here’s a sneak preview of an important point that I’ll make throughout the episode, and a great place to start: you can’t improve your numbers if you haven’t measured them. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to know exactly what your numbers are as you start, so you can measure the results of your tests and see what’s helping you improve! And while this episode might sound or feel a little more technical than most, I think it can really help you increase your conversion rate, too.

Tune in to hear some great advice and actionable steps that you can use to start increasing your conversion rate right away. You’ll learn that instead of making multiple lead magnets, you should create a single lead magnet that speaks to your avatar’s biggest pain point, and then make it fantastic. We’ll also talk about how to get enough traffic for accurate split testing, what your opt-in page should look like, and so much more.


[00:48] – Welcome back to the show! Today’s guest, Tamara Harris, is here to Get Ruthed and learn about improving her conversion rate.
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[03:10] – Tamara has actually been Ruthed several times before, but not in such a public way. She and Ruth talk about Tamara’s history with her blog.
[05:47] – We hear about how Tamara pivoted with her blog, and what inspired her to focus on her current subject.
[09:20] – Ruth responds to what Tamara has been saying, and mentions Tamara’s resistance to narrowing down to just one avatar.
[10:54] – Tamara explains why she was nervous about writing about home decor.
[13:01] – When did Tamara’s rebrand happen? How has traffic been going since she rebranded?
[16:16] – Tamara talks about where she’s getting stuck now, and where she needs help.
[18:00] – Has Tamara done any split testing of subject lines for her emails? She talks about her conversion numbers.
[20:50] – There are two ways to grow your email list, Ruth explains, and emphasizes the importance of understanding your numbers.
[22:46] – We hear about Tamara’s process of A/B testing.
[24:58] – Ruth talks about having a clear and clean opt-in page, and what she tends to include on hers.
[26:45] – Tamara talks about her avatar, including her biggest pain point or frustration.
[29:57] – Ruth recaps the main points she’s been making about conversion rates, and suggests a headline question for Tamara to try.
[32:26] – In the sentence under the question about your avatar’s pain point, you can say a little bit more, Ruth explains.
[33:25] – Tamara asks a couple questions, including how long her timer should be and whether she should have the lead magnet’s title on the opt-in page.
[36:18] – We hear more about what Tamara’s opt-in page looked like before, then she asks whether Ruth has any more suggestions about the timer.
[39:22] – How is Tamara’s tripwire conversion rate doing? And what is she going to use as a tripwire for the new opt-in that she and Ruth are talking about?
[43:49] – Once you know the numbers, you can improve the numbers, Ruth explains. She then offers a suggestion for Tamara’s tagline.
[46:15] – Tamara shares her idea of breaking down the tripwire into different rooms, and asks Ruth’s advice.
[50:16] – We hear Tamara’s reaction to Ruth’s suggestions.
[52:51] – Tamara has signed up for several of Ruth’s programs, and shares how enthusiastic she is about them.
[55:37] – Ruth recaps what she and Tamara have talked about today, and reviews the main things that Tamara needs to work on going forward.
[61:09] – Don’t forget to grab your FREE copy of Ruth’s book How to Blog for Profit (Without Selling Your Soul)! And if you have questions, ideas, or thoughts to share, reach out to Ruth by email at ruth@livingwellspendingless.com or message her on Instagram.