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EP 40: Losing Weight, Developing Confidence, & Feeling Satisfied with Nagina Abdullah

Jan 14, 2019


Who’s on This Episode

Nagina Abdullah

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EP 40: Losing Weight, Developing Confidence, & Feeling Satisfied with Nagina Abdullah

Welcome to Do It Scared™ podcast! In every episode of this podcast, we’ll talk about how to face your fears, overcome obstacles, and create a life you love! In this episode, Nagina Abdullah joins me to talk about healthy weight loss, developing body confidence, daring to confront your body image issues, and getting the body you want without feeling deprived along the way.

Nagina struggled to lose weight as a busy mom with a demanding career and a lot of travel. Finally, fed up with the situation, she resolved to do something about it. She ultimately lost 40 pounds, but that was just the beginning! Her passion for health and wellness has led her to develop her own weight loss system, which she teaches at Masala Body. Her wisdom isn’t limited to weight loss, but instead extends into finding the motivation to go after your goals, and learning to love the skin you’re in.

Believe it or not, Nagina managed to lose all this weight and create the body of her dreams in her mid-30s after becoming a mother! Yes, there’s hope for us 30- and 40-something moms! Nagina talks about some tips and techniques for healthy, deprivation-free weight loss that can lead to a healthy body at any age. She’ll address how to avoid sugar (even when it’s hidden), and how to minimize or eliminate sugar cravings.

Nagina used to eat a plate with a lot of rice, some veggies,and some protein. Now,she changes the proportions: she’ll have a little bit of rice with lots of veggies and a protein. She has also started using beneficial spices like cinnamon, turmeric, cumin, and cayenne. As she’ll explain, focusing on the types of food you eat is more important than counting calories.

One of the most valuable parts of our conversation is the set of tips that Nagina offers for eating well and losing weight while traveling. It’s so easy to make excuses while you’re on the road, but with Nagina’s tips, every trip out of town doesn’t need to lead to a higher number on the scale. Tune into the episode to hear all about this, learn how to lose weight wherever you are, and get inspired to achieve your goals!


[01:26] – Ruth welcomes listeners to the show and introduces today’s guest, weight-loss expert Nagina Abdullah of Masala Body.
[05:18] – Nagina takes a moment to talk about who she is, what she does, and how she got to where she is today.
[09:42] – We hear about how Nagina defied her visions of what her body would be like after having kids.
[11:17] – How does Nagina’s system work?
[13:45] – Before starting this journey, Nagina already thought she ate healthfully, she explains.
[18:24] – Does Nagina pay attention to how much fat she’s consuming?
[19:25] – We hear about how Nagina’s food plan is different from (and similar to) keto, paleo, and other existing diets.
[22:33] – Ruth chimes in to talk about travel and how it can make it more difficult to lose weight and eat well. Nagina then shares tips for how to eat healthful food while on the road.
[27:13] – Nagina shares her cocktail framework. Yes, you can still enjoy cocktails while losing weight!
[30:13] – We hear another key tip for traveling: reframe your way of thinking about having fun on your trip.
[31:38] – What made Nagina decide to turn her passion for losing weight and eating well into a business?
[35:07] – Nagina talks about whether her business started as a side hustle or whether she immediately jumped in with both feet.
[38:20] – How long did it take for Nagina to reach a point where she felt like her business was sustainable?
[41:14] – Nagina talks about something that has really scared her in building her business, and how she moved past that fear.
[45:53] – We hear about one of the hardest lessons that Nagina has had to learn.
[50:48] – What is Nagina working on right now that has her super fired up?
[53:30] – Nagina shares some of the things that she does for self-care.
[55:23] – We learn about the best piece of advice that Nagina has ever received, and how it has helped her.
[57:51] – Nagina generously offers listeners a free gift! You can find your free cheat sheet at this link.