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EP 72: Learning to Make Peace With Yourself Exactly as You Are with Brandice Lardner

Aug 26, 2019


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Brandice Lardner

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EP 72: Learning to Make Peace With Yourself Exactly as You Are with Brandice Lardner

I am excited to have Brandice Lardner on the show today. Brandice was part of the Elite Blog Academy in 2017 and she says this helped give her the foundation to create a truly incredible business where she helps people doing what she loves. But, as Brandice shares, she wasn’t an overnight success it took faith and patience to get where she is today.

In fact, she says that it’s important to have faith that what happens is part of a greater plan and not make everything about yourself while having the patience to slowly build something amazing and not expect to be an overnight success. If you aren’t familiar with Brandice she is a blogger and food coach and the founder of the Grace Filled Plate.

On this episode, Brandice shares how she struggled with eating disorders since she was a teenager. She wanted to be a model and thought she had to portray an ideal image that wasn’t even realistic. She also cared too much about what other people thought. This led to body images issues, an eating disorder, and depression. It took her 15 years to come to grips with proper nutrition and having a healthy outlook about food.

As she became the woman she is today, she also began to embrace and share her faith. This led to a career change and eventually starting her own business. Now she is able to help other people with her personal growth story and sound nutrition advice. I hope you enjoy her inspirational story of growth, becoming who you truly are, and business success.


[03:35] – Brandice has always been interested in nutrition and exercise. When she was young, she wanted to get into the modeling industry. This began her ups and downs with eating disorders.
[05:13] – As she progressed and changed and learned, she realized that she wanted to blog and help others through nutrition coaching and health coaching. She wants to be here for other people and have her journey matter in their lives.
[07:40] – For Brandice, it was a slow painful process of learning the lessons she needed to learn before getting over her eating disorder and depression issues.
[09:15] – Things are never one and done or a magic moment where you have overnight success.
[11:35] – Brandice started working as a nutrition coach. She began making small sustainable habit changes over time. She started as a personal trainer and then transitioned to the food side of things.
[12:53] – She loved helping people who were having struggles for four or five years. The company she worked for didn’t have a faith aspect, but Brandice felt it was the missing piece.
[14:17] – She started a blog for the company she worked for, but as she grew more bold talking about faith, the company decided it wasn’t a good fit.
[14:54] – Brandice was then fired by the company that she had worked for.
[15:53] – Brandice realized that being true to herself was at odds with what her company wanted. It was a bit of a blow. After pulling herself together, she started to see how this door closing was a gift.
[18:38] – Over time, she learned that it wasn’t about her. It was a bigger plan.
[19:41] – Brandice joined Elite Blog Academy in 2017, and paid for it with money that her grandmother left her. This funded the next step in her dreams.
[20:49] – The first year wasn’t profitable, but she knew she was building something great.
[22:34] – Year one of Brandice’s blog was foundational. During year two she started to pick up some momentum. She now has products and a membership site is going to launch soon.
[26:14] – Some pitfalls that Brandice went through include her first domain being trademarked by another company.
[27:28] – This is why Ruth recommends searching to see if your domain is trademarked even if it is available. The same goes for products.
[29:58] – Brandice has always been entrepreneurial, but she tends to get overwhelmed easily. Elite Blog Academy helped her with a plan that she could follow without getting overwhelmed.
[30:49] – Brandice’s fear archetype is a self-doubter, which just proves how much she has grown.
[33:39] – Everything’s not going to be perfect. There’s a lot to be gained for just cutting yourself some slack. Giving yourself grace to be imperfect will allow you to walk through doors and overcome challenges.
[36:29] – Brandice found sustainable habits to have a healthy relationship with food. She did so well that she needed to gain weight to get pregnant.
[40:33] – She practices habits that are good for her body, but her mental and spiritual health are the most important.
[41:54] – She is currently fired up about her membership site that will be released on August 26th.
[43:31] – Morning quiet time and meditation helps Brandice with self-care.
[44:21] – It’s not about me is the best advice that she has ever received.
[45:30] – Wherever you are right now, it’s totally cool.