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EP 73: Showing up in Your Own Life in a Big Way with Laura Smith

Sep 2, 2019


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Laura Smith

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EP 73: Showing up in Your Own Life in a Big Way with Laura Smith

Productivity expert Laura Smith is here. Laura is the founder of I Heart Planners, as well as the founder of the Organizing HQ summit. Laura’s intellect, ambition, and drive along with a little support from her husband helped her overcome almost crippling shyness. In high school, Laura was voted most shy and most likely to succeed.

In this episode she shares how she was able to bring both of her sides together and not only face people, but build a successful business. She overcame her fears and then became a wildly successful online business owner. It’s a story that I know you are going to find so inspiring because ultimately, that’s exactly what this podcast is all about.

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[04:25] Laura was is a member of EBA, she joined when it first launched in 2014. She is now part of the EBA Mastermind.
[05:15] Laura lives in Indianapolis with her husband and three and four year old children. She runs the I Heart Planners blog and the Sweet Life Planner Club where she sells a physical planner.
[05:42] Prior to this Laura worked as an electrical engineer for seven years. Then she switched to blogging about home organization and planners.
[06:25] Laura wanted to spend a lot of time with her kids. She started reading coupon blogs in 2008. Then she discovered making money blogging.
[07:40] It was her dream to earn money blogging while being at home with her kids. She did get stuck in research mode for awhile.
[08:19] She finally got started blogging in 2012.
[09:04] Laura struggled with almost crippling shyness. In high school, she was voted most likely to succeed and most shy.
[09:48] She was a people pleaser and people scared her. She loved people, and she is fine once talking one-on-one.
[11:17] She also had natural ambition and drive. She believed there was a way to get past shyness. She loves being around people.
[12:53] If she could, Laura would tell her old self that there are better things ahead, and she is worth something.
[13:39] Her husband’s support helped her come out of her shell.
[15:10] Laura shares the story of her first dinner date with her future husband.
[15:53] It’s hard to believe that Laura is or was shy since she does video, Facebook Live, and interacts with her community.
[16:17] Her inspiration was really wanting to succeed and being motivated to make it work. She decided to stop doing things just because she was afraid. She forced herself out of her comfort zone.
[19:07] Determination and being used to doing things she didn’t love helped push Laura forward.
[22:00] Laura had a goal of making $1000 a month. She ended up making $3000 a month by the following year.
[22:50] Laura has a full time employee and 5 regular contractors.
[23:09] She sells the Sweet Life Planner and has a membership community.
[24:24] She wants to spend a lot of time with her kids. She draws a line and has clarity about what she chooses to spend her time on. Getting help really helps balance being a mom and business owner. This gives her the freedom to be there for her kids. She also gets childcare, so she can work.
[26:50] Laura works about 24 hours a week. There is a lot that she says no to.
[29:26] There is never a right time for a lot of things. Don’t wait until you feel ready.
[31:08] Laura did great her first year of college. Her sophomore year was hard, especially since she was too shy to ask for help. She went from an “A” student to failing three classes. At the time, it was the worst thing that could happen.
[35:32] She managed to get through it. This taught her that the world wouldn’t end if the worst happened.
[37:51] The most common mistake that Laura sees new bloggers and business owners making is spending time and energy on things that don’t really matter.
[39:50] Laura is fired up about Get Organized HQ featuring 50 organizing experts. Ruth will be speaking there.
[40:39] Laura is also launching a course about how to create plans that really stick. It’s called the Domino Effect because one thing can have such an effect on everything else.
[43:12] For self-care, Laura has a home she loves and feels comfortable in, so she can recharge and have a safe place to be at. Getting together with a friend also helps her step outside of herself and get energized.
[45:02] Don’t give first rate effort to second rate causes is wisdom from Laura’s dad.
[46:50] You can change, but it could take a long time. Have faith and keep working on it.