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EP 74: Learn How to Unlock Your Purpose, Passion and Fully Engage in Life With Brian Dixon

Sep 9, 2019

EP 74: Learn How to Unlock Your Purpose, Passion and Fully Engage in Life With Brian Dixon

My good friend Brian Dixon is here today. He is an author, entrepreneur, business and clarity coach, and one of my favorite people in the whole world. One of his main focuses is on helping people get clarity, and he is the host of The Clarity Sessions Podcast. He also has a new book coming out called Start with Your People, which is one of the main things we talk about in this episode.

We also talk about the importance of finding ways to serve that people actually want and how to achieve success by putting others first and not making it about ourselves. Brian also shares some great stories about his life, business, and how and why he wrote Start With People which is all about maximizing the most-important resource that you have for succeeding in business and in life: the people around you.

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[04:24] Brian’s number one goal for today is to serve the listeners well.
[05:00] Brian helps authors, speakers, and bloggers get clear on their audience, their message, and their products. He helps people get the clarity they need.
[06:24] One of the challenges of having so many ideas is finding the things that will move your goal forward. Brian wanted to find something that would create income, serve well, and be in his zone of genius.
[07:01] He tried a lot of things and decided to be kind to himself and open to feedback. His original plan was to be a rockstar. He was in a car accident. Which made him realize that he had a second chance.
[10:37] He now lives with an intensity and urgency of the day. He also started thinking about his purpose in life.
[11:24] He realized he felt most alive when he was investing in someone else. Brian decided to become a teacher. He then wrote his first book.
[12:43] He then started working for the Michael Hyatt team. This got him started in the marketing world.
[13:10] His business coach told him to do a 360 assessment. This is an anonymous survey to find out what people think. He discovered that he was putting projects in front of people.
[15:43] This started his heart centered journey.
[17:59] Being authentic and vulnerable means that sometimes you will mess something up.
[22:11] Sometimes we put people who are further down the road than us on a pedestal. True authenticity is not putting on a facade.
[25:01] Leading with an apology will really open up opportunities for communication.
[27:51] What drives us can be our greatest strength and weakness. Just like the fear archetypes have negative and positive qualities.
[30:31] Brian surrounds himself with a great team to help with follow through.
[31:19] Brian’s book is about getting right with people. It starts with the people at home.
[37:58] Unresolved relationships are important to work on. Especially, if they are in your home. Brian asks his wife everyday, what he can do to make her day.
[40:11] You can also ask people what they are working through?
[41:56] Starting a business can be scary because it’s a me centered thing.
[42:22] Helping by fixing what’s broken. What’s obvious to you, could be magic to other people. Showing up and serving a little bit earns opportunities.
[49:41] Brian talks about money mindset. When people pay they pay attention. The more invested people are the more work they will do.
[53:15] Money is a fuel to fund your dreams.
[55:05] Brian is fired up about teaching his kids to be musicians.
[55:50] Brian runs everyday so he can remain flexible. He wakes up an hour before his kids. He reads the bible and journals. His habits make him a better leader.
[56:54] Being nervous about speaking means your thinking about yourself.
[58:35] Have a clear morning routine and start your day with clarity.