EP 75: Embracing Your Inner Badass Every Single Day with Jen Sincero

Sep 16, 2019

EP 75: Embracing Your Inner Badass Every Single Day with Jen Sincero

Do you know what is holding you back? Have you ever thought to use fear as a gauge that you are actually stepping in the right direction? These are a couple of things that we talk about today as I chat with one of my very favorite authors, Jen Sincero, whose book You are a Badass became an international sensation.

Jen is so awesome. She’s got so much great advice to share, not just about embracing your inner badass, but about eliminating self-sabotage from your life, changing your money mindset, and keeping yourself motivated every single day. We begin with Jen’s journey and how she didn’t really discover her current path until she was in her forties. Her wit and wisdom are inspiring, and you are going to love this episode.

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[04:31] Jen shares her journey. She began as a freelance writer. She was broke and had trouble financing the financial code. When she was in her forties, she started reading self-help books and going to money seminars.
[05:29] Her efforts worked, and she realized that she could write a funny irreverent money book and that is when she came up with the Badass books like You are a Badass.
[06:19] Jen was in her forties before she stumbled onto her thing. She had a journey before her success.
[07:44] Stressing out is such a waste of time. Trust the process.
[08:20] One of the hardest lessons for Jen was getting help. Even reading books, seminars, and reaching out took convincing that she couldn’t do everything on her own.
[09:39] Private coaching also pushed her out of her comfort zone.
[10:19] Things started working for Jen once she opened up and shifted her mindset.
[11:41] Money mindset is so important, because our culture is based on money.
[12:46] Notice your story about money. The first thing Jen had to conquer was the fact that she was allowed to have money. Giving yourself permission is important.
[15:39] Women haven’t been raised to feel entitled in a good way.
[16:28] Perfection is one method of self-sabotage. Done is better than perfect. Awareness like in the fear assessment is critical.
[19:08] When your setting out to change a truth in your life, repetition is key. You have to go to the spiritual gym. Mindset is a muscle, and you can slide back.
[21:01] Jen is careful about who she hangs out with, she exercises, gets out in nature, and reads a lot. She is conscious of her energy.
[22:58] 30 minutes a day at the gym can change your life.
[23:57] Make sure you want to be an entrepreneur. It’s not for everybody. You know it’s for you if you enjoy it more than you don’t.
[25:56] Get clear on how you are going to leverage yourself and make money.
[26:44] Don’t be afraid to ask for help, delegate, and be authentic.
[27:57] Your own perspective is what makes your thing so great.
[29:06] Get started and you will find your unique voice.
[29:46] The best way to get better at writing is to read a lot and write a lot.
[30:42] Get clear on why you like something and start deconstructing their writing.
[31:40] Jen is working on her house and writing comedy. She is also starting another badass book.
[33:20] Jen protects herself from negative reviews, and she’s really good at saying no. She also spends a lot of time outside and understands the importance of slowing down. She also surrounds herself with people who she loves.
[35:21] For Jen, if something scares her, it’s a good sign, and she’s stepping out of her comfort zone. She looks for fear.
[39:44] Don’t be so hard on yourself is great advice for Jen.
[41:08] Fear is you best pal if you want to grow. Keep looking for the stuff that scares the crap out of you.