EP 76: Get Ruthed: Barb Hudson Discovers What Will Take Her Business to the Next Level

Sep 23, 2019

EP 76: Get Ruthed: Barb Hudson Discovers What Will Take Her Business to the Next Level

Coaching other online business owners is one of my very favorite things to do in my business. Even though I had never thought of making it part of this podcast until it was actually suggested by a few members of the business mastermind group that I coach. They would say that people need to hear more of the real Ruth. The one that’s full of tough love, lots of laughs, and lots of honest feedback. Sometimes even brutally so. My masterminders even have a name for that honest feedback. They call it “Getting Ruthed”.

So today, EBA member Barb Hudson is Getting Ruthed. In fact, this is our first ever segment of Get Ruthed an online one-on-one coaching session with me and one of my students. Barb is the founder of Making it Home, and her fledgling business is focused on helping women embrace homemaking, homesteading, and a more traditional lifestyle. This is a topic that can sometimes even be controversial.

Barb’s business is in its early stages. She has written a few articles that have generated a lot of attention and a lot of criticism  Which has sometimes been hard for her to deal with. I hope you like this episode where I dig into Barb’s business and try to find the real reasons that are holding her back. I’d love to know what you think of this episode, so send me an email or social message.

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[06:45] Making It Home is about the struggles that Barb had being a homemaker. It felt like she had to be an educated woman or a full-time homemaker.
[07:25] She wanted a blog where women would feel safe choosing to nurture their home. She covers topics like homesteading, simple living, and healthy eating.
[07:47] Barb’s struggles include building her list. She wants 1000 subscribers. In EBA, you need 1000 subscribers before launching your first product.
[09:15] Barb wants to do online courses. She wants to help young homemakers who may not have been taught homemaking skills at home.
[10:09] She wants to create quick plan less meals and Home Ec 101 for a new generation.
[11:50] Barb creates a blog post a week. She took a month off to kick-off her YouTube channel. She has 610 blog subscribers. On YouTube, she makes one video a week and has 123 subscribers. She gets about 150-200 page views a day.
[13:57] She gets about 7000 unique visitors a month. With lower traffic, Barb should try to increase her conversion rate for subscribers.
[16:07] Lead gens that are in the sidebar or way down the post don’t show up in mobile.
[16:43] To grow her traffic, Barb needs more content. She is splitting her attention between the blog and YouTube.
[17:28] You need to get momentum in one thing to see the traffic. Focus matters.
[18:58] Being scared is a sign that you have to do something. Action is the cure.
[21:15] Barb has a traffic problem and an on-site conversion problem.
[23:38] Barb started the YouTube channel, because it was easier for her.
[24:19] Barb and her husband have been struggling. She wants to be debt free and get a homestead. She wants to earn a living, so that they don’t have to struggle anymore.
[26:12] Barb is also having issues with imposter syndrome.
[27:08] If she really wants it, she needs to find superhuman effort to do what she needs to do.
[29:11] Barb can build a business. She has even already had a post go viral. She has a lot of assets in her favor. She is what is holding her back.
[31:55] Sometimes, Barb feels that she doesn’t deserve happiness. She also has guilt for spending time on her blog.
[33:44] The past is done. We can only move forward. We get to start over.
[36:49] It’s time for Barb to stop making excuses and be there for her family.
[40:30] Barb is also struggling with her avatar. She needs to do brainstorming sessions and make up a story about her avatar that resonates.
[44:15] She has a goal of having her own homestead. Her readers will love following her journey. Being herself is what she needs to do.
[48:41] Barb struggles with having to be the Christian that her readers expect, instead of the Christian she is.
[51:04] Be honest and be the right person and the right fit for your people.
[53:24] Barb’s viral posts were controversial, and she got hate comments. One of them was titled How to Survive as a Traditional Homemaker in the Age of Third Wave Feminism. She got 500 views in one day.
[56:45] Controversial posts are the most authentic. Allow yourself to shine through. You’re not going to be for everyone.
[58:25] Her other viral post was How to Be More Feminine And Why It’s a Good Thing.
[01:01:39] Ruth recaps what Barb can do to get her traffic up, so that she can launch a course.
[01:03:30] Four Big Action Steps for Barb to Take: Lean in to her quirkiness. Make immediate changes to her avatar and who she is writing to. Barb needs to get her traffic up. She needs to resolve to herself to start working harder than anyone and stop self-sabotaging herself.