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EP 79: Pushing Past Your Comfort Zone with Dr. Angela Lauria

Oct 14, 2019

EP 79: Pushing Past Your Comfort Zone with Dr. Angela Lauria

I am talking with my incredibly brilliant friend Dr. Angela Lauria today. She is an eight figure entrepreneur and the founder of the Author Incubator a business dedicated to helping authors write and market their books. Her program has an insane success rate  of over 99%. In just over 5 years, she has grown her business into a 10 million dollar company with more than 40 employees.

She’s had a lot of success, yet you’ll hear that she’s been scared almost every step of the way. She has so much insight to share not only about building a business and a team but about pushing past your comfort zones and daring to draw your line in the sand. Your going to love this unique interview and how being true to who you really are and what you really want is the key to business success.

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[04:35] Angela was a journalism major. In her senior year, she worked for a New York Times bestselling author. She then spent 19 years in the book world.
[06:08] She began freelancing at $10 an hour and eventually got up to about $50 an hour.
[07:09] She then got her PhD and became a professor for one year.
[08:28] She then started ghostwriting technology books and other random topics.
[10:35] In 2010, during a coaching interview Angela finally found clarity about who she wanted to work with, and where she wanted to work, and what she wanted to do. Now in 2019, she has made those dreams come true.
[12:37] She now has 44 employees and does about 1.45 million in revenue a month.
[13:00] She loves having a team that is passionate about creating her dream.
[13:39] Angela has a book out about creating a team that will try to make your dreams come true. It’s called Make ‘Em Beg To Work For You: 7 Steps to Find, Hire, Manage, Reward, and Release All-star Players to Help Make your Dream a Reality.
[14:14] This book was written for her own successful clients who may be playing smaller than they could.
[15:21] She is perfect at doing things alone and a great editor. She knew she had to build a team or cap her own growth.
[16:16] Her approach was to read everything about building teams. Nothing she tried worked. She finally hired someone who told her why things weren’t working.
[18:34] She realized that she needed to create something that was not only for her. It also had to serve her employees.
[20:22] She changed her system of recruiting employees to the same system she used to recruit clients. She had them tell her why they wanted to work for her.
[20:46] This meant she also had to share about her business and goals.
[22:19] If she wanted people to give her their valuable time, she had to make a better company.
[23:24] Angela starting talking about personal development and magic-makers. People want to spend time on what they are passionate about.
[27:20] Everyone on the staff has the same beliefs and the age range is between 22 years old and 75 years old.
[29:15] Entrepreneurs can be fearful about hiring. They do expect an immediate return and wait for a very long time to hire. Angela feels entrepreneurs should hire fast and fire slow.
[31:07] You can trust your intuition. Don’t be desperate while hiring.
[35:34] Feminine leadership principles aren’t in any other books out there.
[38:36] Processes and tactics change but not values and missions.
[38:56] Angela is an outcast. An outcast fears rejection and has issues with trust. She had to get out from behind her biggest fears to build her team.
[43:12] She has been good at using a book to build a business. This makes part of her job talking about money.
[44:41] She had to decide that she wanted to be able to talk about money and have relationships that accepted her.
[46:50] Successful entrepreneurs have to make hard decisions. Get clear about who you are.
[48:30] Angela shares a story about making crazy decisions and investing in yourself in crazy ways.
[50:33] She knows that she can do it scared and still survive.
[51:25] Angela shares a story about her bank account being cleaned out by a scam.
[53:20] She schedules self-care and does annual planning. She has one self-care day a week. She even schedules Netflix binge watching. She also does acupuncture and massage and has a personal trainer. She also has a personal chef.
[57:34] Be willing to suck!
[59:34] Angela loves to push things to the limit and do it scared.