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EP 78: Get Ruthed: Overcoming Impostor Syndrome with Brooke Van Sickle

Oct 7, 2019

EP 78: Get Ruthed: Overcoming Impostor Syndrome with Brooke Van Sickle

Brooke Van Sickle of Journey to KidLit is here today. Journey to KidLit is all about helping writers get their children’s books written and ultimately published. Brooke is also an EBA student, and today she is Getting Ruthed. On today’s coaching call, we talk about her business, website, and product.

Her main Revenue currently comes through Amazon affiliate links, which isn’t producing anywhere close to a sustainable income right now. Brooke spends most of her time creating new content for her blog, her YouTube channel, and her email. As well as engaging on social media.

Right now, she really needs help figuring out how to make money. A problem most of us can probably relate to. As a solopreneur, she’s a little overwhelmed with trying to keep up on all of the social platforms. Plus, she struggles with trying to find the time to write. As you’ll see in a minute, Brookes biggest problem might just be that she is standing in her own way.

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[04:27] Brooke is focused on writers. Her main social platforms are Pinterest and Twitter, and her growth is awesome. Her blog traffic is about 3000 views a month. Her email conversion rate is about 3%.
[05:05] She is monetized by the Amazon Affiliate program. For the last eight months, she has been spending about 40 hours a week on her blog.
[06:33] Brooke has a launch for a program where she teaches people to be more productive with their writing time. She has a 6-week course that will open after Labor day. This is her baby seed launch. The course is outlined.
[07:21] The idea is to launch a product that isn’t totally created. It’s conceptualized on what your audience is already asking for. You create the content tailored to your audience questions. This also makes the product viable.
[08:05] She has 450 people on her email list.
[08:36] Brooke feels her engagement is wavering.
[09:05] For a niche site there should be a 10% opt-in conversion rate.
[11:09] Brooke spends about 40 hours a week between blogging, social, YouTube, and her emails.
[12:36] Brooke shares her most popular posts.
[13:03] Niche blogs can still make money. Her niche lends itself to products.
[14:23] Brooke needs to promote her own stuff not other people’s. She has great potential in this niche.
[16:30] She could insert a program on her best how to post.
[17:12] Brooke feels like an imposter, because she is not traditionally published.
[18:34] What matters is how you sell your book not where it is published. Brooke needs to take her own advice.
[20:16] Ruth prefers self-publishing over traditional publishing. You get to be the one with the control.
[21:45] Brooke has found a printer who will do high-quality children’s books with images.
[22:59] She could use her own process to put in her how to course.
[25:15] Brooke needs to give herself a deadline and outline the steps to get her book done.
[26:40] She talks about being productive and finding the time to write.
[30:11] Brooke is thinking about creating a bonus and running ads to it. She needs to start with what her blog is based on.
[31:16] Brooke has written about 13 books that she hasn’t published. She has to give her business the opportunity to take off. She needs to coach herself to publish 3 of those books.
[35:28] After she publishes, then she can create her how to publish course. She should have a landing page on her website that leads people on a path to her email list and into the funnel.
[36:22] People procrastinate because they are afraid to pull the trigger. Brooke is actually her own avatar.
[37:37] Brooke needs to focus on site to increase her conversion rate. She needs a sharp looking landing page. People are looking for an authority figure.
[39:05] A good example of a writing blog landing page is Jeff Goin’s site.
[39:30] Action items for Brooke: Publish her top three books. Start working on her program. Increasing her on-site conversion rate. Then focus on increasing traffic with ads or a killer lead magnet.
[43:14] Testing lead magnets is a good idea.
[47:18] Brooke should focus on where traffic is going and where it’s coming from. She should optimize the posts she has and work on conversion rates.
[50:42] Her real problem was imposter syndrome. A good excuse is just an excuse.
[51:59] Brooke needs to take action with these steps: Publish her books. Work on her signature program that leads people through the process of writing and publishing their own kid’s book. Her site needs to drive people to that program. She needs to dramatically increase her online conversion rate and aim for 10% and test test test.