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EP 94: Get Ruthed: Discover How to Turn Pageviews Into Profit with Laura Burton

Jan 27, 2020


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Laura Burton

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EP 94: Get Ruthed: Discover How to Turn Pageviews Into Profit with Laura Burton

For so many people, the hangup in creating products is not having ideas about what to create or sell. EBA student Laura Burton, though, has a completely different problem! Her whole site is full of amazing products, so there’s no problem there. Instead, the issue is that Laura is giving everything away for free! She’s focusing on page views instead of profit, and I’m excited to help her turn things around and make a lot more income.

Laura runs Mom Envy, a site dedicated to helping moms channel their creativity in fun and easy projects. She’s done a great job of refining her message and growing her audience, with over 38,000 email subscribers and 100,000 visitors a month. Her struggle lies in transforming these awesome numbers into real earnings.

Right now, Laura’s income is mostly coming from ad networks, which are bringing in between $2,000 and $3,000 a month on average. But with that many pageviews, she should absolutely be earning a lot more! Today’s Get Ruthed coaching episode is all about helping Laura monetize more effectively, turning her impressive traffic numbers into real money by selling her own products instead of relying on ad revenue.

As you might have guessed based on her problems, Laura is very sales-adverse! The biggest thing I want Laura to take away from this call is that she needs to start selling things to people all the time. We’ll spend some time talking about the best ways she can do this. Near the end of the episode, I’ll include some conservative example numbers to show you just how much of an opportunity for income Laura is missing!

We’ll dig into how to sell to a list, why Laura’s emails to her list are doing exactly the wrong thing, how she should be measuring her success differently, and much more. If your traffic is strong but your revenue doesn’t match those numbers, I think this conversation will change your life and business just like I believe it can change hers!


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[01:10] – Ruth welcomes listeners back to the show and introduces Laura Burton, today’s guest. We hear about what Laura is doing well, and what she’s currently struggling with.
[02:35] – If you have a blog or online business (or want to start one), head to this link to get your FREE copy of How to Blog for Profit (Without Selling Your Soul)!
[03:47] – Laura talks about where she’s struggling, and where she feels like she needs the most help. Ruth then talks about the addiction of chasing pageviews.
[07:18] – The good news, Ruth explains, is that Laura has already done the hard work of building an audience. Laura then shares her thoughts on what she thinks isn’t working and why she isn’t making more income.
[10:16] – Why isn’t Laura willing to charge for the products that she’s giving away for free?
[13:09] – Laura talks in detail about the last thing that she tried to sell, which was a Thanksgiving planner that completely flopped.
[15:42] – Ruth explains that Laura is making everything so much harder for herself because she’s afraid to sell.
[20:24] – We hear Laura’s thoughts on what Ruth has been saying. She then explains that she has been creating a specific sales page for each thing she sells, and Ruth shares the #1 thing that she wants Laura to take away from the conversation.
[23:42] – Ruth would like to see Laura’s conversion rate be even higher, she explains, and offers suggestions on how to achieve that.
[26:41] – What should Laura do with a page once she pulls it out of being free?
[29:00] – Laura explains what her typical emails to her list look like. Ruth then offers advice for how to improve these emails.
[34:15] – Ruth and Laura dig into Laura’s fears of selling. If she’s not afraid of unsubscribes, what is she afraid of?
[37:18] – Where does Laura spend her time? What percent of it is on social media? Ruth then shares some of her own story, and gives Laura more recommendations.
[43:13] – How much time is Laura spending split-testing sales pages?
[46:16] – Laura’s next step is to sell, often and unapologetically. Ruth expresses her excitement to see Laura’s business take off over the next few months!
[46:48] – With the conversation done, Ruth shares her thoughts on what she and Laura have talked about. She recaps Laura’s problem, as well as the solutions and suggestions that will help.
[52:04] – Don’t forget to get your FREE copy of How to Blog for Profit (Without Selling Your Soul)! Also, keep in mind that Ruth would love to hear from you! You can email her at or get in touch with her on Instagram.