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EP 32: Balancing Passion, Purpose, and Parenting with Randi Zinn

Nov 19, 2018


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Randi Zinn

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EP 32: Balancing Passion, Purpose, and Parenting with Randi Zinn

Welcome to Do It Scared™ podcast! In every episode of this podcast, we’ll talk about how to face your fears, overcome obstacles, and create a life you love! Entrepreneur and author Randi Zinn is an incredible woman, and I’m thrilled to have her on the show today to talk about having the courage to go beyond being “just a mom” to find your true purpose.

Have you ever felt like you’re supposed to give up your sense of self after having kids, or like being a parent means putting your goals and dreams on the back burner? If so, this is the episode for you! Randi is the founder of Beyond Mom, a movement and community created to help women activate their minds, body, and businesses as they navigate the challenges of motherhood. Randi knows all too well how easy it is to lose your sense of self once you’re a mom, and she’s dedicated to helping moms balance passion, purpose, and parenting.

Randi explains in our conversation that she found herself less interested in playgroups and mommy classes, and more interested in the moms who she was meeting there. She saw that many of them were leaving corporate jobs not just to stay home with their kids, but to use their talents to make an impact in the world. She started bringing these women together for them to get to know each other and learn from inspiring speakers and wellness gurus.

From the beginning, she had one eye turned toward making this practice into a business. She emphasizes the importance of trying things out to see what works, and points out that her content evolved as she started interviewing these “beyond moms.” She actually started off focusing on the body and the mind rather than the business, and spent a lot of time exploring the problems that women were having.

Randi’s biggest piece of advice to a mom struggling with her sense of purpose involves stepping into being more curious about your own life. This mindset shift involves opening your mind to how you can start engaging with the world, and becoming inspired. She emphasizes the importance of physically moving during this process, and suggests that if you’re feeling stuck or unclear professionally, you slow down a little bit.

Tune into this incredible conversation with Randi to learn why it’s so important not to let yourself become too busy for therapy, coaching, or masterminds, how to fight the gender discrepancy between how men and women are expected to relate to their children while still honoring your mom inclinations, what Randi learned from inheriting remnants of her dad’s businesses after he passed away, why it’s so important to make sure you have the right people in your life, and much more.


[04:44] – For listeners who don’t know her already, Randi introduces yourself and talks about how she started, where she is now, and the major milestones she’s encountered along the way.
[08:05] – In the beginning, when Randi started bringing cool people together, was it a passion project or did she want it to be a business?
[11:37] – Randi talks about why she started off focused on the body and the mind rather than the business itself.
[14:33] – Randi clarifies that most of the successful, happy women she works with go to therapists, coaches, and masterminds.
[16:38] – Ruth responds to what Randi has been saying, and shares a pet peeve that women have to justify balancing various aspects of their lives more than men do.
[18:21] – How do we combat this gender discrepancy and the guilt that women often feel as a result?
[23:07] – Women are often surprised at how much their spouses want them to practice self-care, Ruth points out.
[24:28] – Randi explains that we need to feel ourselves, and shares her one-light-at-a-time philosophy.
[25:58] – What is the biggest piece of advice that Randi would give to a mom who’s struggling with her sense of purpose?
[30:26] – Randi talks about one of the hardest lessons that she’s ever had to learn, either in business or in life, and what she learned from it.
[33:40] – Sometimes we have to just do it when we’re scared to use our voice or step into the unknown, Randi points out.
[34:51] – We hear more about how Randi gradually overcame the fear of taking ownership of her dad’s businesses.
[37:51] – Would Randi consider herself a perfectionist? Has she struggled with perfectionism in her life or business?
[40:17] – Randi talks about how she practices self-care in her own life, and how she protects her confidence.
[42:50] – What is Randi working on right now that has her super fired up?
[43:46] – We hear more about Randi’s retreats, which were originally for moms but are now starting to be for women in general.
[45:08] – What is the best piece of advice that Randi has ever received, and why?
[46:22] – Randi gives some final words of wisdom, and lists places where listeners can find her to learn more or connect with her.