EP 33: Using Core Values to Shape Your Life and Business

Nov 26, 2018


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Ruth Soukup

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EP 33: Using Core Values to Shape Your Life and Business

Welcome to Do It Scared™ podcast! In every episode of this podcast, we’ll talk about how to face your fears, overcome obstacles, and create a life you love! It’s time to talk about core values: what they are, what they mean to you, how you can adopt them in your life and business, and how living by them can change your life!

To really dig into this topic, I’m bringing on not one but two guests! Both are amazing members of my own team: Jessica Bowman is our Director of Social Growth, and Maggie Murphy helps manage things at Elite Blog Academy. For both of them, working for this company has been a life-changing experience, and I’ve had so much fun watching them transform over the past couple years. I think you’ll find their stories as encouraging and inspiring as I do!

Before we hear their stories, though, let’s talk about core values in general. Your core values are a clearly identified set of beliefs or values that you not only hold to be true, but that you use as a benchmark or moral compass for your decisions and actions. They’re the guiding principles that help dictate your behavior and guide you in knowing the difference between right and wrong. They can also help you assess whether you (or your business) are on the right path.

Today, you’ll learn how Maggie and Jessica ended up working with us, including Jessica’s amazing persistence with thank-you cards. Maggie will talk about her complicated feelings after her second daughter was born, and how her path led her to Elite Blog Academy with the desire to become a VA rather than a blogger. She’ll also dig into how the “family first” value has impacted her.

Before getting her job with us, Jessica was afraid of flying in a plane, being in a video, or even talking on the phone with people. She went to a doctor just before beginning her job with us and started on an anti-anxiety medicine. Once she started her job, she successfully took her first flight, and has actually crossed off almost everything on her list of fears. Isn’t that amazing?!

Tune in to hear more about their stories, as well as what they love most (and not quite so much) about working for my company, what lessons they’ve learned, how our seven core values have played into those lessons, what’s involved in getting hired at Ruth’s company, how Jessica and Maggie implement self-care in life and at work, and much more!


[01:44] – Ruth introduces today’s topic (core values) as well as her guests, Jessica Bowman and Maggie Murphy.
[03:53] – We hear about core values in general, both what they are and why they’re important even though they sometimes get a bad rap.
[05:27] – Ruth shares the seven core values at the center of her company.
[09:56] – Maggie introduces herself and talks about how she came to be working for Ruth’s company.
[10:31] – Jessica takes a turn introducing herself, and explains her background.
[15:13] – We hear about which of the core values has had the most impact on Maggie’s life, and why, including how she decided to do it scared.
[19:28] – Which core values have had the biggest impact in Jessica’s life?
[23:25] – Maggie talks about how she was doing personally before she adopted “do it scared” as her mantra.
[25:37] – Are there any other core values that have been really impactful for Jessica since she started working at Ruth’s company?
[26:53] – Jessica shares her favorite (and least favorite) parts of working for Ruth’s company.
[30:54] – Maggie takes a turn sharing her favorite and least favorite aspects of her job.
[33:32] – What is one of the hardest lessons that Maggie has had to learn since coming to work for the company, and how did the core values play into that lesson?
[35:48] – Jessica takes a turn answering the previous question.
[37:19] – Ruth talks about beginning to implement core values into one’s life or business, and shares her enjoyment in watching Maggie and Jessica blossom.
[39:47] – What advice would Jessica give someone who is starting to implement core values into their life and business?
[41:43] – Maggie addresses the same subject, sharing her advice on implementing your own core values.
[44:11] – We hear about Ruth’s hiring process, complete with a slew of interviews and personality tests designed to ensure a perfect culture fit.
[45:45] – Ruth and Maggie talk about their excitement for the upcoming EBA 4.0
[46:37] – Right now, Jessica is really excited about switching the brand name from Living Well Spending Less to Ruth Soukup Omnimedia.
[48:50] – How does Jessica practice self-care both in her life and at work?
[52:07] – Maggie takes a turn talking about her self-care practices.
[54:46] – What is the best piece of advice that Maggie has ever received, and why?
[55:29] – We hear Jessica’s answer about the best piece of advice she has ever received.
[58:32] – Ruth takes a moment to encourage listeners to reach out and get in touch, which she recommends doing on Instagram!