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EP 34: Beating the Odds and Letting Your Light Shine with Michael Sandler

Dec 3, 2018

EP 34: Beating the Odds and Letting Your Light Shine with Michael Sandler

Welcome to Do It Scared™ podcast! In every episode of this podcast, we’ll talk about how to face your fears, overcome obstacles, and create a life you love! Michael Sandler is an author, podcaster, and life coach who joins me today to talk about daring to shine that light inside you, even when life throws you hurdles.

I’ve had the pleasure of being on Michael’s amazing podcast Inspire Nation twice, and loved it both times! As you’ll hear today, it’s been years since Michael has been a guest (rather than a host) on a podcast, and it’s an honor that he’s here today! Michael is one of those energetic, positive, inspiring people who you just can’t help but feel good around. So I was shocked when I learned just how much he’s been through and has needed to overcome. I can’t wait for you to hear him today and let him inspire you as much as he inspires me!

As Michael shares today, the course of his life radically changed after a father teaching his baby how to walk stepped out in front of Michael’s bike on a bike path. Surprisingly, Michael’s first reaction upon being injured in this accident was instant bliss. In the aftermath, it looked likely that Michael would lose his leg and never be able to run again. He managed both, and actually became a barefoot runner to feel the earth under his feet.

Michael’s second near-death experience started with an unpleasant book cover, he explains in a story he manages to make entertaining despite its serious nature. Astonishingly, after he broke his other leg in this experience, the procedure and scars were identical to his first near-death experience. The second one even resolved the 1” leg length discrepancy that developed after his first NDE. It wasn’t until after his third serious accident, though, that he became a radically different person.
Tune into the episode to learn about the powerful, life-changing lessons that Michael learned from these experiences. Michael will also talk about how he kept going despite the overwhelming odds, why he cancelled his meditation podcast, and how he and his wife saved their marriage. Like all my guests, he’ll also share the best piece of advice he’s ever gotten, and talk about what he’s fired up about right now. This is seriously an amazing conversation, and I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did!


[04:55] – For listeners who aren’t familiar with him or his podcast, Michael offers a quick introduction into who he is and the amazing variety of things that he’s done.
[10:24] – Where does all of Michael’s energy come from?
[11:34] – We hear about Michael’s first Near Death Experience(NDE), or near-death experience, in more detail.
[14:58] – Did Michael’s feel of bliss stay with him during the recovery process after the accident, or did he ever experience anger and bitterness?
[16:21] – Michael talks about his second NDE, which started in a bad book cover and ended with his other leg being shattered.
[21:09] – After the instant of the accident, Michael reveals that he had a choice. He chose to come back to his wife.
[24:40] – After this second accident, did Michael stay positive, or did he go through a low point this time? As he answers, Michael talks about a third serious accident that completely changed who he is and how he functions.
[28:56] – Michael talks about his wife, Jessica, and her sickness due to black mold.
[31:48] – Jessica’s recovery was a process, during which she and Michael lived in her childhood home, we learn.
[32:44] – Was this rock bottom for Michael?
[35:04] – Ruth recaps what Michael’s situation was while living in Jessica’s parents’ house and trying to start a podcast, then Michael talks about what kept him going despite the odds.
[39:10] – After six months, Jessica’s mom asked if she would have to get a second job. This was the fire that Michael needed.
[42:47] – What is the best piece of advice that Michael has ever received, and why?
[44:49] – Michael talks about what he’s working on now that has him fired up.
[47:58] – We hear about several of the programs that Michael offers through Inspire Nation