EP 100: Get Ruthed: Getting Out of Your Own Head With Yvonne Jimerson

Mar 9, 2020


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Yvonne Jimerson

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EP 100: Get Ruthed: Getting Out of Your Own Head With Yvonne Jimerson

Imagine if you were in your own gold mine, with your pick in your hand, just one hit away from striking gold… but you were too busy focusing on doing the dishes to actually take that final swing. That’s exactly where today’s Get Ruthed coaching episode guest is. I’ve gotten to know EBA® student Yvonne Jimerson well over the years, because she’s an EBA superfan who has showed up to every live event and workshop I’ve hosted! And yet her blog isn’t quite achieving the success she so desperately wants. It’s time for her to Get Ruthed and finally strike gold!

Yvonne is the founder of Redefining Posh, a website devoted to helping people on the verge of financial crisis regain their footing and build a fabulous life of financial freedom. Over the years, she’s made some amazing progress on her site, even though she freely admits that she’s a procrastinator and perfectionist who tends to overthink everything. Right now, her biggest struggle is probably in her own head (can you relate?!).

Today’s conversation is all about helping Yvonne about how to get out of her own head, and stop getting in her own way. If you also struggle with being your own worst enemy, struggling to put things out there, and hesitating when it’s time to pull the trigger because something isn’t “perfect,” I think you’ll benefit so much from this episode too!

One of my favorite moments of our conversation is when we break down Yvonne’s to-do list. She’s feeling stuck and overwhelmed with tech stuff, which honestly isn’t my strength either. But when we break it down, this project she’s been dreading and getting stuck behind is a simple four-step process that she can finish this afternoon. Sometimes you just need to shift your perspective and realize that what’s overwhelming you is a set of simple tasks, not a big, scary thing.

The second thing that Yvonne needs to do, after her tech assignment, is to start treating her business like a business by making it a priority. I give her the assignment of carving out 15 hours a week to dedicate to her business, even if that means hiring help.

Yvonne is standing just inches away from gold, and it’s finally time for her to strike it rich and hit the success she deserves. There’s no telling what amazing things she can do once she gets out of her own head! Tune in to get inspired and learn how to step out of your own way so you can create a thriving online business.


[00:48] – This episode is brought to you by Elite Blog Academy, a comprehensive program that teaches you to start and grow a successful online business!
[01:12] – Welcome back to the show! Today’s episode is a conversation with Yvonne Jimerson, an EBA student who’s here to Get Ruthed!
[03:52] – Ruth and Yvonne chat about Yvonne’s history at Ruth’s events, and why Ruth told her to stop coming back.
[06:45] – What happened for Yvonne after her conversation with Ruth?
[08:38] – Yvonne gives her elevator pitch to explain what her blog, Redefining Posh, is all about.
[09:34] – We hear about Yvonne’s tripwire, including what inspired her to create the one that she has now.
[13:00] – Yvonna talks about what exactly her tripwire provides, and Ruth enthuses about how useful and empowering it is.
[15:13] – If Yvonne hadn’t been at the Get Ruthed workshops, she doesn’t know whether she would have made her breakthroughs.
[16:23] – What’s the next step or struggle that Yvonne needs to work through? She answers, then Ruth gives her some information and advice on the tech side of things.
[20:44] – This is where people psych themselves out or overcomplicate things, Ruth explains.
[22:48] – Yvonne shares how daunting she finds tech issues, and Ruth points out that it can feel like learning a new language.
[26:06] – Ruth points out that Yvonne can literally do her four new assignments this afternoon, and it doesn’t need to be a big overwhelming thing.
[27:26] – What’s Yvonne’s second issue that she needs Ruth’s help with? Yvonne shares her struggle, and Ruth points that it’s okay to not be perfect at everything.
[31:07] – Yvonne responds to Ruth’s advice, and Ruth laughingly points out that she hears a lot of resistance.
[35:54] – Ruth explains that she worked full-time for three years on her business before it started making money.
[38:22] – We hear about why making her business succeed is so important to Yvonne.
[41:56] – Yvonne got Ruthed hard. Ruth explains why she’s been pushing so hard, and shares a story to illustrate just how Yvonne is to success.
[44:22] – After Yvonne completes the four tech steps that Ruth has outlined, her next task is to figure out solutions for her life.
[45:50] – With the conversation over, Ruth takes a moment to gush about Yvonne’s potential. She then recaps what Yvonne needs to do next to take her business to the next level.
[50:41] – Ruth LOVES to hear from listeners! Reach out to her at ruth@livingwellspendingless.com or on Instagram with any comments, questions, thoughts, or ideas!