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EP 24: Creating Extraordinary Results, Choosing Your Mindset, and Focusing on What You Want with Hal Elrod

Sep 24, 2018


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Hal Elrod

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EP 24: Creating Extraordinary Results, Choosing Your Mindset, and Focusing on What You Want with Hal Elrod

Welcome to Do It Scared™ podcast! In every episode of this podcast, we’ll talk about how to face your fears, overcome obstacles, and create a life you love! Hal Elrod, a bestselling author, motivational speaker, and podcaster, joins me today to explore how you can change your life by just changing the first hour of your day. He’s full of wisdom about daring to fight through adversity, taking full responsibility for where you want to go in life, and not dwelling on the things you can’t change.

If you’ve heard this podcast before, you know that I adore and admire every single one of the guests! After all, they wouldn’t be on the show if they weren’t incredible people. With that said, Hal Elrod is genuinely one of my heroes. His book Miracle Morning absolutely changed my life, and I try to reread it at least once a year.

In our conversation today, Hal reveals that he was mediocre throughout his childhood. The only record he ever held growing up was for the most hours of detention in one year! In his late teens, he started doing in-home knife sales, and changed from being average and mediocre to breaking a lot of records within the company. This success led to a new identity and a new sense of accomplishment.

With this newfound pride, and the money he had made, Hal bought a brand new Ford Mustang. As he was driving it that night, a drunk driver crashed into him at 70 miles an hour. Hal broke 11 bones, punctured his lung, ruptured his spleen, and suffered permanent brain damage. He actually died at the scene, and twice more during the six-day coma that followed. You’ll be amazed to hear his story of recovery, and inspired by what it reveals.

Believe it or not, this wasn’t Hal’s lowest moment. You’ll hear about his even more difficult rock-bottom moment in 2008, when he lost half of his clients and his house, and fell into a deep depression that affected his health. You’ll also learn how he recovered from this, how the process led to his creation of the ultimate morning ritual, the two simple decisions that the world’s top performers live by, and much more. Don’t miss this incredibly empowering episode!



[04:14] – Hal has been working on a new book, he reveals, and explores how the miracle equation it covers links his success in selling kitchen knives with his battle against cancer.
[07:24] – We hear about how Hal got to where he is now, where he started, and how he came up with the miracle equation.
[11:27] – Hal made a decision to follow the five-minute rule when he woke up from his coma to find his body mangled.
[16:17] – What was the shift that took Hal from being average or mediocre to being the top salesperson at Cutco?
[19:34] – We hear about Hal’s manager’s reaction when Hal told him that he wanted to break the fast-start record.
[23:45] – Hal sums up the two attributes that he believes made all the difference for him: enthusiasm and work ethic.
[26:16] – Ruth takes a moment to appreciate that Hal shared how hard the process was for him, and that the first day was a complete failure.
[28:03] – We hear about how The Miracle Morning came about during Hal’s second rock-bottom moment, which was even lower than the first.
[31:31] – Hal explains how and why he created the ultimate morning ritual, and lists the six practices that the world’s most successful people usually attribute their success to.
[35:22] – After Hal started doing his morning ritual, he expected to see results in 6-12 months. In fact, he more than doubled his income in less than two months.
[38:37] – We hear more about Hal’s new book, The Miracle Equation, which will be out in June 2019.
[41:35] – Hal’s miracle mantra is simple: “I am committed to no matter what; there is no other option.”
[46:26] – What is the best piece of advice that Hal has ever received, and why?
[48:34] – Hal shares some final words of wisdom about the perfection of the journey.
[50:36] – Where can people find Hal?