EP 70: Having the Courage to Follow Your Passion and Turn it Into a Paying Job with Gina Godeen

Aug 12, 2019


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Gina Godeen

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EP 70: Having the Courage to Follow Your Passion and Turn it Into a Paying Job with Gina Godeen

Having a job where you don’t feel secure or have a sense of control over your future can be stressful. Working in a job that may be secure but you don’t enjoy is also stressful. Today, we have a guest that overcame both of these problems by facing her fears head on and carving her own career path. This episode is a wonderful example of how just having faith and getting started can lead to great things.

In today’s episode, we are talking to freelance writer Gina Godeen about daring to walk away from a lucrative career in the mining industry in order to start her own business. She has so much insight to share not only on what it takes to build a successful freelance business, but about daring to take a calculated risk and also figuring out how to actually profit from her passion and from her skills.


[04:37] – Gina is a freelance writer who does sales and marketing copy for businesses all around the country.
[04:53] – Prior to freelance writing, Gina and her husband both worked in the mining industry. It was stressful, because the industry wasn’t stable.
[05:54] – Gina was fortunate enough to find a new job before her company went under, but she wasn’t happy in that job.
[07:59] – She started researching ways that she could possibly make money from home. She has always enjoyed writing, so she was intrigued by the idea of freelance writing.
[11:44] – She took a couple classes through AWAI.
[12:25] – Finding clients is the most challenging part, but she finds most of her clients through social channels, referrals and her network.
[13:26] – She started as a side hustle, because it was a safe route.
[15:55] – Gina knew she needed to take back control of her career and find something different.
[19:40] – It’s important to give yourself credit for the accomplishments you make. No one is an overnight success.
[22:55] – Fear is what led Gina to take control and motivated her to start her own business. The big why is what you have to remember to push past fear and hit those goals.
[24:43] – Writing can take time and practice. A lot of it also comes down to confidence.
[26:26] – Gina spends 60-70% of her time writing and the rest of the time pitching and running the business.
[28:04] – It’s always easier to sell other people’s things.
[30:19] – When pitching make it about the client. Try to understand their perspective.
[31:17] – Choosing a niche and specializing can also set you apart.
[34:16] – Gina is expecting her first child. It’s her goal to scale back, so she can make more and work less. She’s been slowly increasing rates over time and expanding her services.
[37:41] – Gina tries to surround yourself with positive and supporting people. She also belongs to some great Facebook communities.
[39:21] – The best advice Gina has received is that you are never going to be 100% ready. She also shares her favorite Walt Disney quote.