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EP 30: Turning Fear Into Action with Justin Schenck

Nov 5, 2018

EP 30: Turning Fear Into Action with Justin Schenck

Welcome to Do It Scared™ podcast! In every episode of this podcast, we’ll talk about how to face your fears, overcome obstacles, and create a life you love! Motivational speaker and thought leader Justin Schenck joins me today to talk about turning fear into action, putting one foot in front of the other, and overcoming any challenge that comes your way!

Justin is also a top-rated podcaster and the founder of the Growth Now Movement. He grew up in rough circumstances, with a drug-addicted mom and a father in jail, and his grades in school reflected his circumstances. Even so, Justin managed to overcome the hurdles that life threw at him. In the process, he launched his own successful movement inspiring others to overcome adversity in their own lives. I’m excited to have him here to share his wisdom and help inspire you to overcome your own hurdles!

In our conversation today, you’ll hear how Justin managed to take the good along with the bad when it comes to his childhood. You’ll also find out that it wasn’t all smooth sailing; he spent several months self-medicating with alcohol after his mom lost her battle with her opioid addiction.

Justin describes himself as an “accidental entrepreneur,” revealing that he has tried other businesses that have failed. He also talks about how one of the hardest things that he’s gone through, the death of his mother, turned out to be a defining moment that helped to shape his path and his message. He’ll also talk about how fear plays a role in what he does, and reveals that he’s scared to do something every day. He’s learned, though, that he needs to push through those fears every single time and just take the risk.

Listen in to hear about the power of just asking, strategies for moving past failure when a risk doesn’t pay off, and how to get a mentor even if you’re too afraid of their reaction to ask! Justin will also talk about how he was so successful as a Cutco knife salesman, his upcoming event in May 2019, the three things that he does daily as part of his self-care practice, and much more!


[04:20] – Justin gives us a broad overview of who he is, how he started, and where he is now.
[06:53] – How are Justin’s parents doing now, and how is his relationship with them?
[08:38] – We hear about how Justin has managed to take the good along with the bad in his childhood, and what advice he has for others who want to do the same.
[11:30] – Justin talks about how he took the first step from grieving over his mom’s death to living his best life.
[14:51] – We hear about how Justin built up his podcast from local people to big names.
[16:30] – Would Justin advise that everybody should start a podcast?
[19:25] – Justin talks about one of the hardest lessons that he has had to learn, either in life or in business.
[22:32] – How has fear shaped Justin’s business or life? What is something that really scared himself that he had to push past?
[25:25] – Justin digs into how to move past failure when you take a risk that doesn’t pay off.
[27:40] – Justin found that he was more afraid of success than of failure, he explains.
[29:54] – What advice would Justin give someone who’s looking for a mentor and feels too afraid to “just ask”?
[33:30] – We revisit the topic of Cutco knives, with Justin explaining that he knew who Hal Elrod was but Hal didn’t know him.
[36:14] – What was the secret to Justin’s success at Cutco?
[38:22] – Justin talks about what he’s working on now that’s getting him really fired up. He also describes his target audience for the event.
[42:01] – What is the best piece of advice that Justin has ever received, and why?
[43:17] – We hear about how Justin practices self-care and keeping his head up.
[46:33] – What final words of wisdom does Justin want to share with listeners?
[47:17] – Justin tells listeners where they can find him online, and how they can learn more about his upcoming event. He also invites listeners to email him at justin@growthnowmovement.com.