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EP 46: Daring to Pivot, Even When You’re Not Sure Which Way to Go with Jennifer Marx

Feb 25, 2019


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Jennifer Marx

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EP 46: Daring to Pivot, Even When You’re Not Sure Which Way to Go with Jennifer Marx

Welcome to the Do It Scared™ podcast! In every episode of this podcast, we’ll talk about how to face your fears, overcome obstacles, and create a life you love!

Today, I’m talking to DIY blogger extraordinaire Jennifer Marks (of Jennifer Maker) about turning your passions into profit, and daring to go above and beyond to protect the people you love. Jennifer shares amazing craft tutorials that have garnered her a huge tribe of raving fans. I’ve known her since her blog was tiny, and it’s been amazing to watch her transform it into something that’s making her almost seven figures.

Jennifer has been working online for a long time. In fact, she was a beta tester for the world wide web (yes, really!). She was already passionate about sharing information back then and made her money writing travel guides, but found that things changed when search engines came along. Her teenage daughter, though, was going through a rough time, so Jennifer was dedicated to making things work to keep her daughter’s life stable.

That’s when she decided to try blogging. She didn’t get too far before she realized she needed help, and that was when she found me and joined EBA (and I’m so glad that she did!). That was just about two years ago now. Of course, she didn’t see instant results, but she did all the work and started growing her email list. Six months in, she made $15,000 in one month on a product launch. Her income experienced a snowball effect, and in October, she made $65,000 in a month.

Jennifer didn’t do all of this just for herself. Her daughter has a serious medical condition, and needed $50,000 for a specific treatment. Jennifer was able to pay that bill thanks to her blogging income. Isn’t that amazing, and a powerful motivator? Tune in for even more inspiration and motivation as Jennifer chats about her favorite part of being a blogger, her commitment to make 25 videos in 25 days, and how she practices self-care.


[01:29] – Ruth takes a moment to welcome listeners to the episode and introduce today’s guest, the remarkable Jennifer Marks of Jennifer Maker.
[04:42] – Jennifer gives listeners an overview of who she is, what she does, and how she got to where she is now.
[12:40] – We hear about Jennifer’s first year after starting EBA, including the amazing success she achieved about six months in.
[16:35] – Jennifer shares more about her daughter and why she was so passionate about making money.
[17:28] – Ruth talks about the power of being willing to try something, and trusting that there is a way.
[20:13] – We learn about what Jennifer shares on her blog, Jennifer Maker.
[22:48] – Jennifer points out that when she started with EBA, there weren’t a lot of successful craft bloggers in the program.
[24:57] – What is Jennifer’s personal favorite part of being an online business owner? And what’s the hardest part?
[30:52] – We hear more about Jennifer’s YouTube series The Great Maker Show and Tell.
[33:17] – Jennifer talks more about the role of fear in her life and business, including her fear of video.
[37:55] – Ruth offers a powerful piece of advice that applies to life in general, not just blogging: just keep going.
[39:58] – Does Jennifer have any memorable mistakes or failures, and what did she learn from them?
[44:04] – If you don’t take risks, you can’t have the rewards, Ruth says (and offers an example of how she taught this lesson to her daughter).
[44:56] – How does Jennifer practice self-care in her life and in her business? And what is she working on right now that has her really fired up?
[47:31] – Jennifer talks about the best piece of advice she’s ever received, and why it made such a difference for her.
[49:55] – Ruth talks about the coupon videos she made when she first started blogging.
[52:30] – Does Jennifer have final words of wisdom to share? She answers, then she and Ruth talk about the upcoming chance to enroll in EBA and the Build Your Blog bootcamp!