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EP 67: Owning Your Everyday and Overcoming the Pressure to Prove with Jordan Lee Dooley

Jul 22, 2019

EP 67: Owning Your Everyday and Overcoming the Pressure to Prove with Jordan Lee Dooley

Have you ever wondered what your true calling is supposed to be? Is your varied background leading to something special? Are you being held back by perfectionism or stifled by imposter syndrome? Today’s podcast tackles these questions and more with my guest Jordan Lee Dooley, host of the wildly popular, SHE podcast, as well as the author of the new book, Own Your Everyday: Overcome the Pressure to Prove and Show Up For What You Were Made to Do.

I love that, because ultimately, that’s exactly what this podcast is all about. It’s about having the courage to hold up a mirror to ourselves and to where we might need to grow in order to make the necessary changes that will allow us to create a life we love. Because in the end, courage doesn’t mean we’re never afraid. Instead, courage is being scared, but taking action anyway, despite our fear. It’s putting one foot in front of the other, even when we’re not quite sure where the path is going to lead.


[04:55] – In college, Jordan started a little Etsy store as a hobby. This was in 2015, and it started Jordan’s online journey.
[07:22] – Some of Jordan’s sorority sisters would help her package her items and as they worked, they would talk about their lives. She would share captions of the stories on her Instagram page and it took off.
[07:37] – Jordan noticed that her audience connected with content that spoke to relevant issues in their lives. This all led to becoming a content creator, speaker, and author.
[07:54] – Jordan did photography and social media management as she refined her online passions that led to her entrepreneurial career. She is now a content creator, podcaster, speaker, and author.
[10:27] – Jordan tries to keep a grounded perspective. The impact she makes and the connection she creates is what matters most.
[11:37] – Jordan and her husband turned their guest bedroom into an office space. She also has a couple of contractors that help with writing and other tasks.
[12:32] – All of Jordan’s hustling is now culminating. People don’t often realize all of the behind the scenes sweat and tears that goes into big goals.
[16:23] – In the last year, things started to click for Jordan and all of her hustling and things that seemed kind of random fit into place. She is finally sharing the origin story of her business.
[16:57] – Ruth started blogging about couponing in 2010. Now Ruth’s blog has nothing to do with those topics. There is still a part of her audience that found her because of her coupon videos. People will evolve with you.
[18:33] – Jordan’s new book is Own Your Everyday: Overcome the Pressure to Prove & Show Up For What You Were Made to Do.
[18:46] – She was inspired, because she knows women feel the pressure to prove themselves a lot. A lot of women want to find their purpose or what they are supposed to do.
[20:50] – There is so much messaging for women to go after it, what are they supposed to go after. Women struggle with finding their dreams. Jordan wanted to speak about finding your purpose and what lights you on fire, but relieving the pressure to prove.
[22:47] – Imposter syndrome is feeling like a fraud. What works for Jordan is to stop faking it until she makes it and just be coachable.
[25:31] – Be confident on one hand yet humble enough to keep asking questions. Approaching life this way makes a huge difference.
[27:52] – Jordan offers her own unique perspective of establishing herself in the world. Finding your own unique angle really makes a difference.
[29:02] – Shame is that feeling of wanting to hide something. She never wants to need help or have a problem. At one point she started obsessing about getting thin. A friend of hers opened up, and Jordan realized how powerful sharing is. There is power in bringing things to the light.
[34:17] – Jordan is the people pleaser archetype.
[37:26] – To get past perfectionism or imposter syndrome Jordan keeps in mind the phrase, “incremental, implementable, imperfection action.” This helps her to avoid second guessing all of her ideas. When she can’t take massive action, she takes incremental small steps.
[40:38] – Action is the antidote to fear.
[41:17] – Launching a book was a fear that Jordan had. When you write a book, you put it out there for people to do and say what they will.
[43:57] – One of the biggest mistakes new business owners have is a lack of flexibility and striving for quick cash and not valuing themselves enough or finding what aligns with their brand and life.
[46:29] – One of the hardest mistakes that Jordan learned is don’t try to create too many things at once. It’s okay to grow slow.
[49:14] – Jordan is working on some coaching programs that really align with her book. Her and her husband are also working on a resource that goes along with this.
[51:35] – Family businesses is coming back with the internet, and there aren’t a lot of resources out there for that.
[52:08] – The most important lessons are often the hardest to learn.
[53:33] – Just keep trying stuff. The worst thing that can happen is if it doesn’t work out, just try something else.