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EP 68: The Miracle Equation That Just Might Change Everything With Hal Elrod

Jul 29, 2019

EP 68: The Miracle Equation That Just Might Change Everything With Hal Elrod

I am so excited to have once again the amazing Hal Elrod on today’s show. He is the author of one of my very favorite books, The Miracle Morning. It’s a book that I have read multiple times now, and a book that fundamentally changed the way that I approach the first few minutes of my day. Hal was on the Do It Scared Podcast last year in episode 24 to talk about that book and his Miracle Morning Formula.

That episode is still one of our most popular episodes of all time. If you haven’t yet listened to it, I definitely recommend it. You can find it at doitscared.com/episode24. But today, he is here to talk about his newest book The Miracle Equation. Guys, I am not even kidding when I tell you the wisdom he has to share today is going to blow you away in the best possible way.

Ultimately, that’s exactly what this podcast is all about. It’s about taking the steps that are going to get us unstuck so that we can create a life we love. Also, if you have any questions or you just want to share feedback on this episode, please send me a message on Instagram or shoot me a quick email. I am actually going to be starting a segment soon where I’m going to be answering all of those questions here on the show. Please don’t be shy about sending them in.

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I know that sometimes it can be hard to know exactly how to apply the lessons you’re learning through this podcast on a practical daily basis. It keeps you organized and helps you keep track of your schedule. It helps you proactively identify your biggest goals and then stay focused on them all month long. It doesn’t just help you get more done. It helps you get the most important stuff done. Right now you can take advantage of our lowest price of the year on the Living Well Planner during our semi annual sale. Now onto the interview with Hal.


[06:32] – It’s been about a year since Hal was last on the show. Last year, he was in the process of writing his book. He is currently working on Miracle Morning for Teachers. There are about a dozen books in The Miracle Morning series.
[07:05] – The mission of the miracle morning is to elevate the consciousness of humanity one morning at a time.
[07:39] – The Miracle Morning for Teachers was written by doing a real life experiment with teachers and students. Students average grades went up across the board.
[08:25] – The miracle morning is made up of six practices. The acronym is SAVERS. These letters stand for silence, affirmation, visualization, exercise, reading, and scribing.
[09:26] – The Miracle Morning documentary is also done and being released this fall. Hal is also trying to be the best possible husband and dad that he can be.
[10:31] – The Miracle Morning started as Hal’s morning practice.
[11:42] – It’s a practice for daily personal development. Our level of success parallels our level of personal development.
[12:13] – As we improve ourselves, we expand our capacity to improve our lives.
[12:51] – In addition to a process for personal development, we need a process for goal achievement.
[13:12] – The Miracle Equation gets you to do what you know that you need to do.
[14:53] – When Hal was 21 years old, he was trying to break a company sells record.
[15:35] – Hal’s definition of a miracle is any meaningful outcome that is outside of the realm of what you believe is probable for you.
[17:14] – We pursue what is probable. The voice of self-doubt stops us from attempting and reaching our goals.
[19:36] – The opposite of fear is faith. To achieve that big goal, Hal had to have faith and had to put forth extraordinary effort.
[22:07] – Hal was maintaining unwavering faith, but he didn’t believe that he could do it.
[23:03] – The faith isn’t in anything other than yourself.
[25:08] – It’s human nature to do the least amount possible, so we don’t die.
[26:20] – Don’t water the seed of fear and self-doubt with attention.
[27:45] – Miracles are a bit mysterious. There is an element of luck.
[31:07] – You have to step out on faith and do something that you’ve never done before. You also have to put out extraordinary effort.
[35:17] – If you are doing the work every single day and putting in the effort every single day, the moment is going to happen when everything turns around.
[35:48] – Who you become in the pursuit of a goal is more valuable than achieving the goal.
[37:05] – It’s in the striving that we are the happiest as humans.
[39:42] – The faith effort feedback loop. Everything we do builds confidence. You have to establish unwavering faith, and you have to maintain it.
[41:46] – We aren’t wired to work hard towards something that we don’t believe it’s going to happen. Every result is preceded by a process. When you put forth extraordinary effort, it reinforces your faith.
[44:02] – Hal created a mission in writing to change one million lives one morning at a time. This meant selling a million books.
[45:35] – You have to have unwavering faith and extraordinary effort UNTIL you meet your goal. The only variable is timing.
[47:48] – Accept that it’s going to take you longer than you want it to. What do you believe in enough that you’ll give everything up for 10 years.
[48:39] – The biggest mistake that content creators make is sharing profound ideas but not how to change behavior.
[50:53] – The worst advice Hal has ever received was to set his fee at $10,000 and then wait for someone to pay it.